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Mumbai’s new startup, Adractive, pays people money to watch Advertisements

Mumbai’s new startup, Adractive, pays people money to watch Advertisements

A Team based out of Mumbai, has developed an application, Adractive, which showcases people Advertisements and Entertainment separately.

The application even pays people for watching Advertisements. Founder of the company, also an IIT-IIM alumnus, Kanik Arora said that his experience of entertainment on any platform was pretty broken, be it TV, Youtube, Netflix or Hotstar, because the constant interjections by Advertisements in between. Tired of Ads in between the entertainment experience, he decided to create his own media platform, which shows curated entertainment videos to people without any Advertisements in between, so the experience of entertainment remains “pure”. To fund for the rights of entertainment videos, Kanik plans to ask people to pay for entertainment rights for each of the videos. Here is where the devil of advertisement comes in between.

However, Adractive wants to now pay people money to watch Advertisements, which they can use for both entertainment as well as mobile recharge. Then how is it different from other platforms? Kanik says, “now a user can decide timing and type of advertisements he wants to watch. So if I am traveling from Office to Home, I can watch a few Ad videos and get enough money to do a recharge as well as watch entertainment non-stop after reaching home. Additionally, user has been given the choice to decide the type of advertisement he wants to watch from the “Choices” list in the application.”


On future plans for his venture, he says, they are launching India’s first unbiased news section, within the same platform. “The reason we say, Adractive will be India’s first unbiased news provider, is because each news item will be accompanied with ‘Opposite View’ to keep it unbiased, as well as, provide background to each news story. Even if biases of some of the reporters come in front while portraying the news, each of our reporters will be forced to write the opposite view for each article, to present the complete 360 degree picture. Hence it will be on the readers to decide which part of the news they agree more with, making the news unbiased and neutral from biases of individuals”

Adractive app was launched on playstore in October and it already has over 3000 downloads. It remains to be seen, how wide an adoption it can garner, while providing people another option for their news & entertainment needs.

To Download Adractive from Playstore, follow the link:


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