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The Dilemma of Doing Nothing!

Are you too running a startup and now pissed in a situation where you have to calm down and hand the left work to the support team? Yes, it is the moment when you first start being relaxed a bit and happy for completing your part of work early but after few days which changes into weeks and even to months and what you have to do is to be calm and wait for the outcome. According to me, it is good but one of the worst moments when starting up.

This is faced by every Entrepreneur and if not by you, it is yet to come!

So how to cope with this amazing odd dilemma?

To fight this odd challenge one must have these 4 Important qualities: –

Strong Belief

This is the most important quality required to fight this odd dilemma. One must have strong, very strong belief in oneself and one’s product. Whether it is hard good or software, one must have faith in product, decision, oneself and faith in God that everything will be all right without your interference too.

It is your belief which will pour energy into your soul to be relaxed and everything will be fine.

Having Patience

Patience –  this word does not mean just waiting. This word really takes exam of our self-control. Having patience is the second most important thing when you are waiting for the outcome. It may be positive or negative but you have to be patient when you truly want something to blossom!

Patience is said to be God quality! In Entrepreneurship, you must possess this very Important Quality to surpass all odds and win your every dream!

Proper Communication

Now this is some serious advice which is needed in everything and in every situation of your life. Proper communication is needed at every stage of your entrepreneurial life. Now in the said situation, yes you are said to calm down and work is getting done by other hired or partnered team but without your tight-controlled proper communication they may fail to produce or make your product like you desired.

So, Proper communication is a must add in whenever you get pissed in Dilemma of doing Nothing!

Making Strategies

Why we are entrepreneurs? What special do we do which sets us apart from masses? We are highly strategic people! Yes we do that constantly, even in our sleep and dreams! So the habit of making strategies should never be calmed down. And I said NEVER. Whether your product is set to blossom or you are in the middle of product journey or just scaling up, you should always make strategies for the coming future.

I read somewhere that only 3-6% people think before doing anything. If you do, then please don’t stop at all!

Making strategies makes you mentally fit while waiting for the outcome. Whatever comes positive or negative, you have one thing to bend it as you want – Your STRATEGY!

Thank you for reading while doing nothing!

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