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Understanding Behavioural Biases in Finance and Investing – my eBook

Hi all,

I was introduced towards ‘Behavioural Finance’ by reading the excellent book ‘Value Investing and Behavioural Finance’ from Parag Parikh few years back.
Then, I was wooed to this great and most un-realised subject (as many of us don’t realize that we have and go through these biases) and hence started reading various articles and papers on this subject.
When I started writing on my blog, I wanted to write on this special subject and explore almost all possible behavioural biases especially the ones I can co-relate to Personal Finance and Investing.  
As I started writing I came to know that I have personally experienced all of these myself and hence started sharing them too in each of my blog post.

On the other hand, I was amazed and impressed by Safal Niveshak – an excellent Value Investing forum and website founded and run by rodinhooder Vishal Khandelwal, and I follow his articles and posts regularly.
He was willing to help me collate and publish all my articles on my blog ( on this subject as an eBook.
We discussed, planned, worked out and came up with one, which was published this week on  Thank you very much Vishal.

This is what Vishal told after going through the eBook

“Charlie Munger has been quoted as saying, “If you wish to avoid irrationality, it helps to understand the quirks in your mental wiring and then you can take appropriate, precautionary measures.” Here is an eBook that helps you capture those quirks in your brain, known as ‘biases’, that you fall into while making decisions in your life, and especially while investing your hard-earned money. Read it with an open mind, for it can really help you plug a lot of holes that lie inside your brain.”

Given below is the link to the eBook –

Please go through and let me know your valuable feedback, comments and opinions.

Balaji Ganesan


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