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  • @ashachaudhry I have a question to ask from Mr. Rahul Chandra and its mentioned below and attached for your attention.
    Question: VC Funding, Base of Valuation and Issue of share at Premium and Its Tax Implication
     In General, Startup Company incur loss in initial years.

    What is the base of valuation at time of raising of fund from the VC
    How the…[Read more]

  • @ashachaudhry Hi asha. Really looking forward to attending the mumbai open house. But just a favor from u guys? Would it be ok if i get my 4 month old kiddo with me ? If any disturbance caused , would take him out. Plssss do lemme know. Thx a tonne.

  • Pradeep kotian posted an update 10 years ago

    @ashachaudhry Hi Asha you have a very cute smile. God Bless you.

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