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21 Fools – Looking for Kickass awesome people

“We want to make this world a happier and compassionate place to live through our amazingly beautiful Paper products and hassle free service”

21Fools is working to bring back that culture of making someone smile. To make that happen we need a kickass squad of the best and brightest. We value creativity, curiosity and the ability to solve problems quickly.

We are currently looking for Designers, Illustrators, Tech Geeks and people to handle Sales and Marketing and Operations.

Why Join 21Fools:

Because at 21Fools, you will get an opportunity to do work which can makes hundreds and thousands and millions of people smile.

We promise that the work would be so interesting that you won’t even call it work. At the end of the day, you would get to be a part of something unique and revolutionary.

Write us at if you’re interested in learning more and joining our team.

And don’t forget to send someone a Paper greeting card today, make them feel special. Don’t just be content by sending a SMS or posting it on the Facebook Walls. You can’t receive a hug until you give one. Please do visit


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  1. hi to the 21 fools team,

    i read the description above and really had this thought, how can one make someone smile. but if it is done it will be such a great feeling. indeed i am curious to know how does people at 21 peoples make sit happen rendering smiles . i would really like to know about it more and will definitely like to be a part of it . therefore i am sending in my cv for your consideration.. 



    you are truly blessed to provide happiness to others.

  2. Hey Chetna,

    Its actually pretty simple. We make paper greeting cards. You may recall your last birthday, you wont remember the people who wrote on your facebook wall, but if someone had sent you a greeting card you would remember and in fact treasure it and smile whenever you see that card. 🙂 

  3. Love dis post…the intro as u wanna make others smile.I am writting a blog on same topic as life s waste if u cant make other feel better…Ill send my cv for ur consideration and I would love to be part of ur team.

    Deep Shikha

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