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6 Prime ways to Automate On-field/Mobile Workforce Management


It will not be an exaggerated statement if someone says Automation is ruling the industries. From Housekeeping to delivery of goods, Industries are fond of the automation and the technology. With the appearance of the IoT together with the Artificial Intelligence, automation is taking new arena.

Many industrial processes are operated and controlled by the means of the automation. Human resource is pivotal to the growth of an industry and the technology has helped many processes related to the Human resource. Payroll, together with the ERP eased Human resource management processes, this increased productivity of an employee as well.

Though many HR activities are automated, On-field/Mobile/remote employee management is one aspect where automation is still far away. This is because of their remoteness from their office location as well as continuous traveling.

Below are ways to show How Enterprise mobility will automate the Mobile workforce management.

1. Field Workforce Attendance Management


Attendance is the major issue for on-field and mobile employees. They may be in constant travel as their work will be never confined to one location. Sales workforce has to travel in order to achieve the targets as well as to generate the revenues for their company.

Service engineers should travel to their customer’s location, where they have to perform the task.

Because their work is location independent, it is highly unlikely for them to mark attendance in the traditional attendance systems. Hence, they should rely on either paperwork or on verbal communication for attendance.

This leads to time-theft activities, which is detrimental to the organization. A survey says that still 75%  of the mobile employee’s committing time theft and this is costing a whopping 400 billion dollar annually.


A Geo-attendance system that would allow the user to mark the attendance on their mobile can prove highly effective. Geo-attendance system allows clock-in as well as the clock-out option together with the time stamp, and record the location by using GPS.

Geo-attendance system will automate the attendance process for mobile/field employee and thereby help reduce the time-theft activity.

2. Distance Matrix

Distance calculation of the employee traveled for the business is always a matter of cost as well as the time expenditure. This is one aspect where there are many cost leakages.

Each organization has its own standard to sanction travel claims. Depending on the mode of travel, companies calculate distance and sanction the claims. An employee claims different amount for a four-wheeler, two-wheeler and air travels.

Wrong claims occur when employee calculate the distance falsely and apply claims. In some occasion, he might not have traveled or else traveled for his personal purposes. A report shows 14% employee claim falsely; this would prove costly for the organization.


Automation of distance calculation parameter together with the Clock in-clock out option will stop fraud claims. This saves enormous cost to the organization.

3. Custom Locations


The employee often visits a single client multiple times. However, change in plans, rescheduling mistakes, lack of real-time communication often leads to extra travel and extra time expenditure.


Custom location and GPS clears the confusion associated with multiple visits and this avoids the confusions associated with rescheduling as well as the miss-communication.

4. Real-time Supervision


Supervising Mobile/Field employees is always painstaking, as they are either in travel or in a client place. Failure of real-time supervision results in miscommunication together with the failure in task shuffling as well as real-time task assignment.


A system to supervise the employee in a real-time ensures the task management of the employee. This reduces the travel and enhances the productivity of the employees.

5. Payroll Automation

Payroll of the mobile employee always filled with confusions, paper works, and errors. This is because of the lack of proof of Attendance, working hours, together with the time theft as well as the travel claim issues.

Due to the manual process of the payroll of the mobile-employee payroll process, managing field/mobile employees leading to repetitive or false pay for the employee, which is proving costly for the organization.


Automation of the payroll by integrating mobile attendance system solves the issues of the payroll of mobile employees. Integration of mobile attendance system with other enterprise processes enhances your business processes, increase productivity and improve customer service.

6. Device alerts

The safety issue and connectivity sometimes cause major issues faced by management while dealing with traveling employees. Most of the time employee go unresponsive or out of reach to communicate with them. These circumstances may just fill a feeling of fear about the traveling employee.


Mobile device application that alerts management about location together with the tasks and the device alerts during conditions of battery low, out of coverage as well as switch off might just automate your communication channel with the traveling employee. This will help management to ensure the safety of the employee and help them take the necessary further action based on alerts.


Enterprise mobility application that features GEO attendance together Location mapping, Attendance, distance calculation, real-time supervision, device alerts as well as real-time report sharing and payroll integration will help management to efficiently communicate with the field employee. This will enhance their productivity by eliminating time theft. Elimination of false claims and manual errors in reimbursement will save the cost to the organization. This will enhance their profit as well.



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