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The wonderfully destructive habit of procrastination (delaying things)…


How often have you decided to do something & then pushed back with excuses like:

– I’ll do it over the weekend

– Let me address this after lunch; a smoke; coffee; post work; in the night; at home.

– X is the start of the week or month; I will do it then (exercising)

98% of these tasks get sucked into the whirlpool of indefinite delay & land up never getting done at all.

The feeling of missing tasks is gut-wrenching. It leaves you feeling under accomplished, weak, unprepared & compromised. Yet, we constantly continue to procrastinate even after suffering bitter regret.

What can we do to make us stop delaying? These work for me:

– Start something IMMEDIATELY. The action of “Starting” is 98% of the mental BLOCK you need to overcome.

– Make the work snacky and bite-sized. Write 3 slides of a 30 slide PPT. Exercise just 10 mins if you are starting new/after a gap. Watch just 1 Ted Video or read 2 industry articles a day. Do things that don’t seem burdensome so that the brain doesn’t resist it straight away.

– Treat yourself to tasks done. 1 hr of Netflix for a completed task. Bribe your brain with potential gain before suffering pain.

What works for you?

#dhandhekibaat by Rodinhood


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