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Alok Kejriwal on Sales and why it’s so important for everyone!

Rodinhood strikes back! Boom Boooom Boooooom!

Really appreciate all the feedback you guys have been giving me.

In this video I’ll talk about one of my favorite topics – Sales! 

I’m a bechoo guy – a sales guy. One of my favorite all time quotes is “Vyaapari voh joh bechta bhala” – The real businessman is He who knows how to sell 🙂

To me, Sales is holy. Sales is noble. Sales is the fabric of life no matter where you work!

Sales is so important for everyone – whether you make socks or you code 🙂 

Check it out and tell me what you think in terms of content, ideas for improvement and MOST importantly topics that you want me to cover! Just add a comment and I will add it to my list!


[Highlights of the video added by Asha]

Aspects of Sales: 


Price discovery

Concept of being able to present what you do, with clarity (the absolute moment of truth)

Process of self-discovery (breaks all inhibitions)

Best way to get connected, meet people, network, get to know what’s going on.

Oh and don’t miss the ‘Sofa Rule” 🙂

My fav quotes:

“Sales makes you meet the world”

“There’s nothing that you should restrain yourself from.”

“It’s not the sales department that’s gonna be hired to sell. It’s YOU who’s gonna sell what you are, who you are, why you are and what you do.”


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  1. Awesome. One is always selling something to someone all the time.
    It’s the fabric of life. Lovely.

  2. Awesome Video and I loved the fact that you discuss that sometime or the other everyone has to do sales for something. Either it is our Talent or our Service or some Product. Sales is an integral part of our lives and it is important to learn. Your video was very inspiring and had some cool fundas I have learnt.

  3. Excellent talk…I used to dislike the job role of sales until our Prof who taught us sales asked us (in her very first class) that how many of us dislike sales and given a choice would not opt a career in sales…Almost 95% raised their hand (I was listening all this from outside the class as I was made to stand outside for being late for the class; this was the only moment I hated her). She went on to probe why from many people. My reason was that I had this perception that to sell one has to lie and I didn’t want to lie to pursue/achieve anything. She heard most of us and told us that she would be discussing about each of our apprehensions but the bottom line is that all of us are scared to face failure and listen NO from customers and so we don’t like it. It was for the first time that I realized that it was really the fear of facing NO that made us build our apprehension about sales. She challenged all of us that those who dare listen No on their face and find a way out of it are only capable of handling this lifeline of any org. I landed up selling products in my first job and the best thing that has ever happened to me is selling (what I believe in)…Thanks for sharing…

  4. When a kid asks for a toy, he/she is selling the idea of buying a toy to make him happy. You are constantly selling ALL THE TIME.

  5. Sangeet – Excellent point.

    The problem of facing failure and listening NO becomes grave and bigger, when the product is supreme and when you have already had beginner’s luck. When you have had a few YES’s, the fear of listening to a few NOES looms large and makes things difficult.

  6. True…Many a times I feel all that is happening around is ‘SALES’. 

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