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Alok’s Q & A session with Kabir Bedi at IMA International Management Conclave 2013


So as you know, Alok was one of the speakers at IMA International Management Conclave 2013 (Indore 19-20th Jan, 2013). See previous post with videos.

Kabir Bedi was the chief guest of one of the sessions. Watch Alok’s interesting Q&A session with him. I’m posting only the relevant videos (i’ve skipped the grand bollywood style entry!!). The other videos can be viewed here. 

But before we touch stardom, a quick entrepreneurship-related Q&A. The question posed to Alok (1:35 onwds): “Despite having so much talent in India, why do we have so few entrepreneurs?”

A great question. A greater answer. Do watch this till the end and see how Alok arrives at the interesting conclusion that, “We need a mutual fund for entrepreneurs…”!!!



Alok begins the Q&A with Kabir Bedi by calling him “India’s first export product” and asks him how he became such a great global success?


Kabir Bedi on his journey from Bollywood to Europe to Hollywood…. and the fact that he is still around! [unfortunately, Alok’s Adele story doesn’t figure in the next vid – we’ll get him to share it as a post or comment…]




Kabir Bedi on pursuing a mirage vs settling for something more fulfilling and less paying…

“There’s no Take Two in life…”

“YOU are responsible for YOU…”

And on encountering the most beautiful women in the world….

Kabir Bedi on his Aspirations & Dreams




Kabir Bedi on Admiration & Perception





Alok’s concluding question, “Why do we resist failure in India? Why is it such a taboo?? [as opposed to “in entrepreneurship we celebrate failure”]


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