Author: Abhinav Sahai

Flat, marriage and family – 3 reasons why young Indians don’t turn entrepreneurs!

Awarded the “Rodinstar” Post  of the week!!       Disclaimer: This is my ...Read More

5 years of entrepreneurship: what’s it like

“It’s been 5 years, where’s your blog post?,” asked Rajat. If you know Rajat, he won’t take No for a...Read More

Business Plan Template: Free Download

I often speak to entrepreneurs, mostly budding or who’ve just started. Every now and then I get this...Read More

Keep Looking, Don’t Settle!

October 2005. I was in 2nd year of my B.Tech. and had a school friend visit me. I don’t rememb...Read More

The year round up post! #2014

I know I am late on this, but I thought it’s better than not posting at all. So here we go! A hell l...Read More

How technology impacts SEO: Case Study

Background: A few months ago, we optimized a client’s website for a few keywords. Within 3 months, i...Read More

Not ready to startup but willing to take up an Intrapreneurship?

The question was, “that’s a pretty high growth rate and would be phenomenal if you can d...Read More

Integrity or Stupidity?

I met a friend a while back. He was coming back after getting his watch repaired. Here’s the convers...Read More

It’s people who will make or break a business, not business models!

I often spend my weekends meeting entrepreneurs and wannabes. It gives me great pleasure in learning...Read More

Looking for Digital Marketing Professionals [1-3 years]

Looking for “responsible” people with a DO-ERS attitude for my startup Niswey. About: Ni...Read More

Getting out of my comfort zone

I’ve realised, half our lives we live in fear. Various forms of fear: – The fear of comm...Read More

Purpose of life, or the lack of it?

Yesterday we were having a goals discussion at Niswey and I raised the point of a “purposeful life” ...Read More

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