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Business Plan Template: Free Download

I often speak to entrepreneurs, mostly budding or who’ve just started. Every now and then I get this question, how do I figure out how much money do I need or how do I find out how much capital/funding should I raise?

A few weeks back, I found myself answering the same question when I started another company, Irayo. When I ran this sheet through a set of investors, they seemed to be pretty happy with the amount homework done.

Then, in the last few weeks, another 3 entrepreneurs asked me this question again. Since now I had a sheet ready, I happily shared with them. When I did it the 3rd time, I realized there maybe a lot more people who might find this useful and I immediately decided to open source it.

In my understanding, this business plan template is useful for startups, small businesses, wannabe entrepreneurs, people pitching to investors – who will ask for your 3 (or maybe) 5 year plans, generating revenue model plans for SaaS (subscription based revenue models) or e-commerce businesses. If you think or in fact have used it in some other case, please do share, I’ll be happy to know.

I had created it for 3 years, so that’s what the template has, you can easily extrapolate it to more years if you want. Please note, there are formulae integrate throughout the sheet, so be careful while placing values.

Please feel free to provide feedback or suggest improvements.

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The link to download the Business Plan Template

To download: In the menu options, Click “File-> Download As” and download in whatever format you are comfortable.

P.S. Thanks to Rahul Dewan for the base work on this sheet (done almost 2-3 years back).

I can be reached at @AbhinavSahai


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  1. hey thanks for this abhinav! good to have another template handy for rodinhooders!!

    have you checked out alok’s funding pitch template?

    ps: do feature irayo in our showcase section when you’re ready. all the best with the investor pitches!

  2. Thanks. This seems helpful.

  3. Simple and helpful. Thanks for sharing here.

  4. Thanks abhinas, nice work

  5. Thanks Asha, will do 🙂

  6. Welcome Zeeshan, glad you find it helpful

  7. Welcome Åjay

  8. Thanks Tejas



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