Author: Chetan Soni

The Big Bang Trip – Trippers view

We had organized The Big Bang Trip in the month of September 2015 . Before we dwell into the  intric...Read More

The Big Bang Trip

The Big Bang Trip is a 9-day journey across 5 places among 25 people who will meet 5 instigators at ...Read More

Who Moved my Cheese on Flipkart?

  I am Chetan and founder of a publishing house called Half Baked Beans. We sell books through Flipk...Read More

Co worker at Half Baked Beans

We, at Half Baked Beans are HIRING full time co-worker… Here’s what you have to do: -Han...Read More

5 Myths about Entrepreneurship

Start-ups have assumed a gigantic stature in the global economy in recent times. Walk out of your ho...Read More

7 Reasons why Indians don’t travel Solo

Contrary to my recent Facebook posts I am not much of a traveller neither do I dig travelling . I am...Read More

How much of PDA should be allowed

India and Indians have always been non-loving towards Public Display of Affection (PDA)… They ...Read More

Why not to Start-Up

This article is for people who are trying to start something on their own without joining their fath...Read More

World Cup merchandise

Soccer-mania is sweeping over the country. It is one of the most awaited sports extravaganza of the ...Read More


Prostitution has always been a controversial issue in India. Even the leading politicians and eminen...Read More

10 lessons to learn from Gabbar Singh

Indeed, Gabbar Singh is the most quoted bollywood villian of all times. Not just this, with some ser...Read More

30 things to do before you turn 30

I had been reading a lot of write-ups like “25 things to do before 25” , “20 thing...Read More

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