Author: Deepak Sharma

Journey of a river

What an exciting journey of a river starting from a small glaciar moving from rocks to vaious states...Read More

Experience with Art of Living Meditation during struggle times

Dear Friends, In my last blog I mentioned about my problem of raising funds and struggling with grow...Read More

Entrepreneurs vs Employees!!! Who holds the fort stronger will sustain longer!!!!

Hello Friends, I have seen many entrepreneurs running and closing their business and then changing i...Read More

Growth versus cash flows! which way to go?

Hi Friends, I am mechanical engineer and worked in automobile sector for 8 years. 3 year back I star...Read More

Transformation from One Man Army (Entrepreneur) to General s Army (Team)

Hi All, It has been consistent learning during my embrace with entrepreneurship. Following is one of...Read More

Why Tata Motors is Tata Motors

Hi all, This is one of my best experience working in automobile sector. I was being approached by ta...Read More

Tough boss always get you on toes

Hi Friends, I will take this platform to tell about my ex boss who happens to be a south indian and ...Read More

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