Author: Karan Pandhi

To those who can’t reach their destiny

having dark nights and gloomy days life’s on tidal waves with no shore nearby sailing as hard ...Read More

Garma Garam Bakery Chef

Hi Rodinhooders, My company is now in search of a Bakery Chef for our upcoming QSR Vegeatario. 1. Th...Read More

Restaurant Start-ups : Whether to take up a Franchise or create your own Brand.

HI Rodinhooders, As I keep on reading about my dream project (a QSR) and its surrounding on various ...Read More

Where does TRHS Stand?

hi rodinhooders, On a Sunday morning getting bored, waking up early and sitting on the lappie and th...Read More

The Final Step to my dream project VEGEATARIO (formerly known as HOGERZONE), FUNDING REQUIREMENT

Hi Rodinhooders, It’s been almost more than a month back, when I posted about my Start-up in t...Read More


Its 3 in the night and what’s on T.V. ROCKET SINGH – SALESMAN  ENTREPRENEUR OF THE CENTU...Read More

BOOTSTRAPING a business for a clothing brand to be launched on social media

Hi Hooders, My younger sister and I are wanting to start an office wear brand currently in dress mat...Read More


I would like to thank Kanchan Kumar for giving me an opportunity to visit an event which has enlight...Read More

Asha Asha tune mujhe kabhi nahi Nirasha

This one is only and only for a wonderful woman who has supported me all the way since the last one ...Read More

Those Below the Rs. 5,00,000 slab how does the credit of Rs. 2,000 benefit you.

A deduction of Rs. 2,000 as tax credit given in yesterday’s budget is being seen as an exempti...Read More

Jerry Maguire – don’t be devastated but always be ready for criticism.

On a Monday afternoon I was watching this movie Jerry Maguire, a Tom Cruise 1996 movie, A guy who wo...Read More

Where do I stand ?

When I joined Rodinhoods, I was completely blank as what I can benefit or learn about business out h...Read More

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