Author: Karan Pandhi

Search for an American dream … Make it happen

Hello Rodinhooders, It’s been really long that I posted anything out here. A journey from Vegi...Read More

Job hunting after a Failed start-up.

Hello Rodinhooders, Well finally I can say I too failed in my first start-up. ” Veging “...Read More

There are no Accidents

Hello Rodinhooders, Over the years I have had many wonderful experiences, so I felt it was time for ...Read More

Soda Machine or Coke/Pepsi

Dear Rodinhooders, As Veging has finalized a location in Mumbai suburbs (can’t disclose as it ...Read More

The Bare Foot Auto Rider – Sandeep Bachhe

Hello Rodinhooders, A few days back near my vicinity, I saw an auto-rickshaw, which did catch my att...Read More

Food for Entrepreneurs Part – 1

Hello Rodinhooders, Well it’s been almost a year now since I joined Rodinhoods. So it has been...Read More

Mall review site

Hello Rodinhooders, This is my first ask as to what do I do with this idea:  1. A mall reviewing sit...Read More

Why I love football more than any sport – Adhyay Pehla

Hi Rodinhooders, As a kid, though I was and I’m fat, I always love playing football than any o...Read More

Mistakes are bound to happen

Hello Rodinhooders, Over the years, we make so many errors, mistakes, sometimes foolish, sometimes d...Read More

Invitation to all the Rodinhooders who are in Mumbai this weekend

Dear Rodhinhooders, Veging has got an opportunity to display its skills at Billabong High Internatio...Read More

Expect the Unexpected from WikiRodinhoods

Good morning Rodinhooders, As by now you might have known, that the post is related to whom. Yes, no...Read More

And the Dream Begins

Hello Rodinhooders, I know, I had been silent for a while, where is that Veg guy with all the hype, ...Read More

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