Author: Kritika Ponia

Hitting the rock thrice – A mini startup tale

“We’ve had some changes in management and we have decided to automate blogs and SMM.” And so began t...Read More

Writing is (much) harder than you think – A writer’s rant

“It is just one blog post. It shouldn’t take you more than a few hours.”   “It is only one line...Read More

Happy Birthday to me. I am a year old!

Exactly a year ago, I published my first post on The Rodinhoods. I followed the community for quite ...Read More

What’s in a name? A lot, evidently.

Starting anything new is an indescribable feeling. The fact that you made it makes you feel so very ...Read More

TheRodinhoods Unmeetup Hyderabad – A Meet Up To Remember

So the day finally arrived when I attended the FIRST ever meet up of my life. (Yes, you read that ri...Read More

TheRodinhoods – Where Hope Is Given Wings

Do it, I told myself. You’ve been following the site for a long time. Go on, do it.   With that...Read More

The Nerd Steps Out: Celebrating two months of seeing the outside

Ola! (My day starts and ends with the Ola cab. So, yeah.) About two months ago, Ingenious Aces (my c...Read More

The Pug Life – Four Years of Love, Happiness, and Entrepreneurial Lessons

Looking back, I can’t help but smile emotionally. How time passes. . How every element that we come ...Read More

The Journey of Ingenious Aces – A Blend of Hard Work, Annoyance, and Gratification!

Greetings, Lovely Rodinhooders! I am back, not with more lessons from Minion Rush, but to showcase m...Read More

What Minion Rush, The Incredibly Cute Game, Taught Me About Entrepreneurship

Awarded the “RodinStar” Post  of the week!! I have been a silent follower of this wonder...Read More

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