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TheRodinhoods – Where Hope Is Given Wings

Do it, I told myself. You’ve been following the site for a long time. Go on, do it.


With that, I wrote my first article for TheRodinhoods. I was paranoid, to be honest, worried that it’d be rejected or worse, get laughed at. What I hadn’t realized was that my entrepreneurial life was going to take a beautiful turn. Encouraged by the splendid response I received, I showcased my business. Oh boy! For the next week I was on calls. They just kept coming! (Imagine the length of my grin!)


The Start


Asha’s comment and shares on my first post helped me become optimistic. A few days later, I received another email notification and it was another comment from Asha. I opened the link and “Awarded the RodinStar Post of the Week” badge flashed in front of my eyes. It was surreal. So surreal, I didn’t react.




Do you know what that did to an someone who has an inherent fear of people and who doesn’t think much of herself? Words wouldn’t be enough. It was at this point that I realized I can, not just write well but also impress through writing. It was then that I realized I was worth being noticed. Alok’s shares, the beautiful comments on Facebook, the lovely response from people on LinkedIn, and the encouragement from everyone close to me had an effect that I didn’t immediately realize.


It has been a few months and I am already 4-posts-old on TheRodinhoods. I am confident and my anxiety levels are far lower than they used to be. I am able to talk to people without panicking that they might laugh at what I do. This year has been personally agonizing for me and the constant validation I received from TheRodinhoods community is one of the very few things that kept me going.


The Entrepreneurial Boost


TheRodinhoods is a community of budding startup founders and aspiring entrepreneurs. It is also a community of “people” just like you. Showcasing your business to 10,000 such people in one go will quite obviously give you a boost! Needless to say, the number of orders coming in increased significantly. I realized that the need for the solutions I provide is bigger than I anticipated! It was mind-blowing to say the least. Asha and Alok, both shared my post on their personal social media platforms. That was extremely helpful in every way!


Within no time, I saw a ray of hope of growing big and spreading the word even better.



The Networking Boost


Being an introvert by nature, it is very difficult for me to meet new people, network with them, and establish relationships. (An introvert entrepreneur. Ironic, eh?) However, TheRodinhoods opened up these pores for me as well. I had connection requests coming in from fellow-entrepreneurs who were doling out praise and motivating me to go higher. This helped me come out of my shell, one baby step at a time, and I am more open now.



The Emotional Boost


This was, personally, the game changer for me. Personal struggles in life can really bring you down and make you question everything you are doing. It is at times like these that we hope and pray that something good comes along, just to inspire another footfall in the right direction. That is what TheRodinhoods did for me. I still remember Asha’s reaction when she found out I started at the age of 23: What?! You started on your own at 23? I am blown!!


Asha walked into my life as one of the most inspiring women I have known. Alok’s kind words (“atom bomb!”) and the lovely responses I received furthered my hopes of making it big.



TheRodinhoods is one of the two amazing things that have happened to me this year. No problem, no thought, no fear is too small. TheRodinhoods helps you realize you are NOT alone and that what you are doing (or trying to do) is special. It is who you are.


The Change: When I wrote my first post, I had a bunch of freelancers working for me. Business was profitable but glacial. Today, I have full-time employees and marketing partners in my own (heavenly) office space. I bought a Minion keychain for the office keys just to keep reminding myself about my first post and the wonderful world it opened up for me. :’)




TheRodinhoods has helped me embrace myself. It is not just another online community to post blogs. It doesn’t just help you showcase your startup. It guides you, it motivates you, and it becomes a part of you. It shows you a wonderful part of the world – a world that’s full of (10,000+) passionate, hard working people who are struggling with the ways of life. My advice to all of you who haven’t yet posted your thoughts or experiences – go for it. You’ll be astonished that you are not the only one. You will be appreciated, helped, and guided.


Tips for First Time Posters:


    1. Don’t be afraid that you won’t be well-received. This is a beautiful community that will help you, nurture you, and ensure you grow.


    1. Be patient. You may not receive traction immediately. Social media channels take time to spin their magic.


    1. Feel free to get in touch with Asha and/or Alok. You will be wonderfully surprised by the response.


    1. Interact and share your concerns. You’ll see just how many more are in the same place as you are or have outshined strife with flying colors!





I am a 25-year-old crazy, lonely entrepreneur. I own a 2-year-old Content Development startup, Ingenious Aces. You can get in touch with me on Facebook or LinkedIn. I am also on Twitter (@kritikaponia).


Thank you, TheRodinhoods, for being the support I needed, emotionally and growth-wise.


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  1. OMG!

    from working at home to moving to a co-working space to NOW HAVING YOUR OWN OFFICE??!!!


    i don’t know what to say? thank you for thanking us. and using such generous adjectives!!! 

    i’m just so glad your showcase post worked well for you. there is no way we can really measure how effective our showcase! is for rodinhooders. but posts like this, say it all. and make everything so worthwhile 🙂

    i am really really really looking fwd to meeting you on the 19th! 

    god bless.

  2. Asha,

    Thank you very much. :’)

    Meeting you in person would be an absolute delight, I am sure! 

  3. Very true Kritika, I can relate myself with your stories how rodinhood especially Asha had helped to goto next level.

  4. Hi Kritika,

    Being an introvert myself, I could very well relate to your story. Thanks to ASHA and Alok Sir for creating this vibrant community.

    Keep going.

    ~Sunil Suri 

  5. Hi 

    I read that Minion post of yours and it indeed was interesting, full of knowledge and just awesome. It deserved all that it got and yes, I find Asha and Alok very generous and helping (never talked but well, you dont need to talk to someone to know that).

    I have visited your website as well and I cant express how glad I am to know you have actually hired peeps fulltime, you are now employer providing jobs to fellow citizens. This is huge achievement.

    I wish you to be very happy because that matters more than being successful or rich (my latest tweet) 🙂

    PS: I tried to download Minion Rush after your post but I couldnt play it so removed 😛

  6. Manish, yes, it is amazing how small steps can affect people so brilliantly. 🙂

  7. Hi Sunil,

    Feels good to know I am not the only introvert around. 🙂

    Thank you.

  8. Pankaj,

    Thank you very much. The way you put it made me feel even better about myself. :’)

    Yes, it has always been happiness that I have strived for. That’s why I gave up a career in research and started writing for a living. Money can be earned relatively easily. Happiness, on the other hand, comes only to a blessed few. 🙂

    Haha, it is a wonderful game! Please try again. 😛

  9. Don’t be afraid that you won’t be well-received.” 

    Thats IT. This is true entrepreneurship. Its a state of mind – its a war hero’s call.

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