Author: Nayana Somaratna

Who am I ? – A Pecha-Kucha style presentation

Nayana Somaratna : Who am I View more presentations from Nayana Somaratna

Occupy Wall Street : a lesson on how the public perceives wealth

I consume news voraciously – almost obsessively. As a tech entrepreneur, my business literally...Read More

Don’t make my eyes bleed – an excellent guide on what to put in a business plan

Courtesy of Neil Davidson ( an excellent (and free) PDF guide on what to a...Read More

What are the major milestones in the life of a startup ?

As a co-founder of a (rapidly growing) startup, I tend to keep tabs on available investment opportun...Read More

Social media observations (and lessons to learn !)

One of the privileges of being a tech entrepreneur is that I get to use Facebook regularly (while cl...Read More

Jurisdiction of incorporation : advice needed

Hello Rodinhooders !   First of all, I’d like to thank the community for the valuable advice o...Read More

Musings of a 3 time (not so successful) entrepreneur – part 1

I come from a family with a ‘professional’ background – my father is a retired sen...Read More

+1 or -1 ? My experience with the Google “social” buttons on the Rodinhoods

In general, I don’t participate in forums. And I hardly ever post comments on blogs. Like 99% ...Read More

Division of online advertising revenue : Help !

Sorry ! Ninja lawyers demanded redaction of the original post. A summary of what was discussed follo...Read More

Websites and Mobile applications – how does jurisdiction apply ??

I have a few questions about the legal jurisdiction of websites and mobile apps. I would appreciate ...Read More

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