Author: Puneet Nirogam Aggarwal

Digital Marketer and Community Manager for Nirogam

Nirogam has been around for 16 years promoting Ayurveda, Alternative Medicine and Well-researched Di...Read More

Time for Another “Don’t Wait for Asha” Mixer !

*********************Update May 21****************** Time and venue has been decided: Epicuria, Star...Read More

The Tale of Bringing Detail in Retail

Awarded the “RodinStar” Post  of the week!! Recently, at the NexGen Retailers Meetup org...Read More

Bharath and Moolesh Jain: The Doorstep Dressers who make you Debonairs.

“I Buy Expensive Suits, They Just Look Cheap on Me” – Warren Buffett. That statement was made ...Read More

“WRITE OK PLEASE” – For Nirogam

Nirogam’s mission is to popularise natural remedies and treatments and to provide a trustworthy plat...Read More

Nirogam is Looking for a Technology Manager

We are,, India’s leading website for ayurvedic and natural health related content and pr...Read More

Karela (Bittergourd) Seeds – brought me loads of Bloody #GoodLuck !!!

  “Pandit Ji, Yeh Aage jaake kya karega ? “ asked my mother, to her trusted astrologer she used to c...Read More

Squeeze More out of Nirogam’s Facebook Fan Page

Hi,  I run Nirogam, a health and wellness e-store, and we have a fairly active and popular fan page ...Read More

Live Chat Officer for an Ayurveda E-Commerce Website

Nirogam is a fast growing natural health and alternate remedies E-Commerce store.  Nirogam places sp...Read More

Nirogam Seeking an Internet Marketing Intern

Nirogam is a fast growing natural health and alternative remedies e-commerce store.  A critical comp...Read More

Re : What is an ideal “Shipping Charges : Sales Amount” Ratio ?

Rodinhooders, Namaskaaar !!!! Would anyone know, what is an ideal expense ratio for “Freight/S...Read More

Full time Content Writer –

We are looking for a writer who is passionate about ayurveda, wellness, natural medicine, etc. This ...Read More

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