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Digital Marketer and Community Manager for Nirogam

Nirogam has been around for 16 years promoting Ayurveda, Alternative Medicine and Well-researched Dietary Supplements. Our philosophy is “Identify the Cause. Treat it. Whatever Remains, resolves itself”. We have been helping, people adopt Ayurveda and discover the magic behind this indigenous life science.

Ayurveda, India’s own native therapeutic science has been ignored for thousands of years by its own people, and Nirogam wants to help change this.

To help in our efforts to reach out to more people, we are looking for a responsible, ethical, fun-loving, creative Community Manager.

a) Kalakar : You need to be Affable, Winsome, Engaging, Conversational, Approachable. A People’s Person.

b) KathaKar : Are you a StoryWeaver, a Raconteur, a tale teller ? Somebody who is able to wrap the facts with emotions and present them in a way people would most likely consume.

c) RachnaKar : You would need to think, innovate, ideate, create and execute social and digital media campaign and execute them so that we can hack our way through and grow within lean budgets.

Responsibilities :

1.      Manage, Strategize and implement social media marketing across platforms like, Facebook, G+, Twitter, YouTube, WordPress at a Global level.

2.     Implementation :  Scheduling content and designs on social media, managing ads, outreach, community management, online reputation management

3.      Monitoring and reporting: Managing and responding to inbound leads & messages, weekly and monthly reports with key metrics.

4. Seeding, Growing and Maintaining a Community, and actively engaging it constantly.

5. Perform PR operations, media outreach to improve brand visibility

Essentially, you should have what it takes to become a “Swiss Army Knife for building a brand”

You are driven by creativity, and can work in a small team environment to improve ideas and quickly test, implement and execute. You enjoy seeing results measured by growth. You bubble with ideas, opinions, and an avid interest in social media, online platforms and career sites. Most importantly, you should believe in Ayurveda and natural medicine. You enjoy working in a fast-paced environment and growing a business. We push each other and expect the same. We are fun and hardworking.

Write to us at and let us know why we can’t do without you in 500 words.

Puneet Aggarwal
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  1. wow! what a neat opening!! can i apply?!


  2. I should ask instead – Can I apply “To Invite You to Apply” ? Can I clone you somehow ? 

  3. :)))) i honestly need to clone myself and grow more hands and legs! 

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