Author: Sushrut Munje

My foray into organizational effectiveness

As a college kid who had just started up after dropping out of a predictable engineering course, my ...Read More

Evading the Shadows – a book review

For someone who grew up reading ‘Amar Chitra Katha’ books, it was an honor to have the opportunity t...Read More

Knowlarity Outage: How Mr. Homecare did the right thing.

From the day we started our house cleaning business as Mr. Homecare in February 2015, we have been g...Read More

Counter view: On Startup Jobs & Economic Times

[on ‘Why employees at startups are having to cope with unprecedented levels of anxiety’ as pub...Read More

The Joy of a Catch — role of perspective in business

Confident knowledge of the ball in the air. Knowing why it’s there. Your friend threw it in th...Read More

Whiplash Lessons in Self Management

Better late than never to watch good cinema. I regret missing Whiplash [2014] in the theaters, but t...Read More

What Civil War Taught Me About Management

Time has never been better for superhero buffs who are not comic book readers. We have had a stream ...Read More

Revenue is a Monkey, not a Cat

On business goals and priorities, first published on Frankaffe. When we discuss growth of a company,...Read More

Ocean Lessons in Branding and Team Management

I sat beside her, staring at the vast expanse, listening to how the ocean had her enamored. It seeme...Read More

The Case of Unbridled Mules

On how young talent allowed itself be misled and spoilt in the nascent Indian startup ecosystem, fir...Read More

Demolition Lessons in Product Design

My fascination for drama and movies that almost seem erratic is on the rise. When conversations set ...Read More

The Art of Translation for Niche Marketing

Community leaders have spent valuable time and energy building a strong network of people of similar...Read More

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