Author: Vikram Parekh

The Assumptions & Market Insights That Can Possibly Help Indian Product Startup

If you’re a product startup, you’ll agree that narrowing down on your product roadmap, and trying to...Read More

Any tools to forecast and track SaaS metrics?

Hello All, So far, we’ve been trying to use Excel to track the various metrics typically invol...Read More

Is your passion getting in your way?

Having attended the Mumbai OH last weekend, one thing that you couldn’t miss was the passion i...Read More

NextGenCatalogs – enabling product centric conversations within your supply chain.

Hi Folks,It’s been a week since we launched NextGenCatalogs, and I really wanted to get the word out...Read More

“What’s cooking, dear?” I asked. Prompt came the reply “Strategy!!”

It wasn’t until I crossed over the fence to be an entrepreneur, did I start noticing and pay closer ...Read More

Content based Social, Local and Mobile Marketing Platform for Out-Of-Home (OOH) Advertising

Hi Everyone, I wanted to seek your valuable feedback on another venture that I’m currently inv...Read More

From Mercedes Pick Ups to Rickshaw Drop Offs – What’s Next?

It was a late summer evening in April this year, when I was heading to the Mumbai international airp...Read More

An Entrepreneur’s Quarterly Performance Evaluation – Corporate Style

Awarded the “Rodinstar” Post  of the week!! After having spent close to 12 years in corp...Read More

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