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Content based Social, Local and Mobile Marketing Platform for Out-Of-Home (OOH) Advertising

Hi Everyone,
I wanted to seek your valuable feedback on another venture that I’m currently involved in.

If you’ve under 5 minutes right now:
Request you to go through this concept + prototype video, and share your feedback based on the below questions.

Specific ask (Please mention Yes/No, and Why?):
1) Overall, did you understand what we’re trying to do?

Put on your Consumer Lens and answer:

  1. Would you use this mobile app?
  2. Would you keep coming back to it, and for what reasons?
  3. Either ways, would you like to sign up as beta user?
  4. Anything else we should consider from a Consumer perspective?

Put on your Brand / Media Agency / Media Owner Lens and answer:

  1. Do you see any value in digital content based social local mobile marketing (not mobile banner ads)?
  2. Would you pay for the potential benefits that we can derive through our platform?
  3. Are you a decision maker at any of the above entities, and would you sign up as beta customer?
  4. Can you refer us to someone who might be interested?
  5. Anything else we should consider from an Brand / Media Agency / Media Owner perspective?

If you’ve more than 5 minutes read through the below list of problem statements that we’re trying to solve for.  If interested in helping out / being involved, please reach out and I can share additional details.

Problem statements by user type:

Consumer: As a consumer who spends a significant amount of time on daily commute, we are bombarded with brands trying to capture our attention via highly visual, information heavy, sometimes smart and funny advertisements (ads) posted on non-digital OOH media like billboards and gantries, which typically have some call to action. Of all the ads posted, we may like some, we may not like some, and for the most part we don’t even end up noticing some of them. With that as the context, we strongly believe that there are unsaid and unmet needs of consumers which can be categorized into:

  1. Discovery: While consumers may see some ads, there are equal chances that they may not pay attention to ads that may be relevant to them, or address a specific need that they may have.
  2. Recollection: They may be in a moving vehicle and do not always have the time to digest or capture all the information mentioned on the ad (e.g. “I saw this lovely 1BHK housing project ad, but I don’t seem to remember their exact location or where their sales office is located” OR “They had mentioned this 1-800-XXX-XXX number, but I didn’t get a chance to note it down”).
  3. Convenience: As consumers, there isn’t any easy way to see a list of all the brands that would like to interact with them while they are on the move, what brands have to offer, and how relevant those might be to what they are looking for?
  4. Fulfillment: Is there a single place to go and look at the various calls to actions that consumers can take for all the brands that they are interested to interact with? (e.g. “Call us to know more”, “SMS us for a free gift”, “View our movie trailer”, “See a 3D view of your potential 1BHK house”, “See a list of designer shirts in our product line up”etc.

Brands / Media Agencies / Media Owners: With an ever increasing array of touch points that a consumer interacts with a brand, it becomes extremely challenging for an advertiser to allocate where they would like to spend their advertising money. This is particularly evident in the following categories of challenges that an advertiser faces today in the OOH space:

  1. Social / Local / Mobile: With the rise in mobile device penetration and reducing rates of 3G/4G data plans, the time spent by a consumer on their mobile device will increase. This will shorten the consumer’s attention span for things happening around them, and lead them to spend more time on their mobile device. Therefore it is imperative for advertisers to create avenues for their consumers to interact with them in a way that the consumer prefers to (e.g. share, like, tweet, post, tag, pin, check-in etc).
  2. Content: In today’s hyper active e-commerce environment, a consumer’s brand loyalty is typically short-lived and is as good as the last deal that they got. Thus, we strongly believe that in the long run, brands will need to evaluate how content can help them remain competitive, create better brand awareness, recall value, product or service differentiation, and generate sustainable consumer engagement.
  3. Target specific: With the same static non-digital OOH ad, the advertiser is unable to target content that may be specific to a certain demographic. The best they can currently achieve is placement of ads based on socio economic status of a certain locality, but cannot get granular to the level of age/likes/dislikes etc. (For e.g. Audi may decide to place an ad on the busiest traffic junction in an affluent South Mumbai locality, hoping that the right consumer would look at it. But it currently does not have the ability to say “Of the people that are looking at my ad, how many already have an Audi, so I can identify a repeat customer?” OR “How many of them own a Mercedes, so that I can offer them competitive analysis?” OR “Which corporate executive just got promoted to a CEO, and I can sell them my Audi, that they have always been talking about on their Facebook page?”)
  4. Interactive: Today a brand is unable to create an immersive interactive experience for a consumer who is on the move and lead them right from discovery to fulfillment.
  5. ROI measurement: Historically, measurement of ROI on the OOH ad spend has been one of the key pain points of this industry globally. The closest that people have got to, is measurement of vehicular traffic and in rare cases a reliable and sustainable video surveillance system.

We aim to address these problem statements by building a sophisticated digital content distribution system for the OOH industry with the core focus on consumer, context and convenience.

PS: We’ve just applied to a leading accelerator, and awaiting results. If we don’t get through, an ice-cream parlor is just around the corner 🙂


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  1. just one doubt ..! what is other then watching ads for costumer ? i mean y i will download your  app ?  

  2. Hey Nitish,

    I had given the link to my presentation for a high level as I didn’t want to go into too much detail in the post…but I guess it might be easier if I spelled out the problem statement that we’re trying to solve for.

    I’ve updated the post with details that might help answer your question.  All feedback is appreciated. Thanks.

  3. Vikram, just went through your Prezi slides.. Mine is the same question as that of Nitish..

    Will the app only serve Ads?? If yes, why would I want an app to see more ads, when I am already skipping through ads all day??

  4. Thanks Vijay. Both Nitish and you have a valid feedback and question that today’s marketeers are trying to solve for when they think of mobile marketing, and more specifically Hyperlocal marketing.  Consumer engagement is one of our biggest challenges and that’s what we’re trying to solve for.

    Hence, in my note, I’ve categorically asked…what would make you as a consumer, use an app whose basic premise is to suffice a certain need. Whether that need is to:

    • Provide you content 
    • Provide you rewards (deals)
    • Provide you game
    • Provide you a utility app
    • etc

    Some of the questions that we’re trying to answer is:

    • What if we only has a content based approach, would users still come?
    • If we introduced the rewards concept, would we end up becoming a mobile deal site? (and in that case what would differentiate us from others already existing)
    • Is there a way for us to make it a more “pull” vs. “push” app?
  5. I loved the concept of being able to create signboards at run-time on a Google Map 🙂  That seemed awesome !  Augmented reality (and not just a video walk through !)

    To answer your questions :

    1) Overall, did you understand what we’re trying to do?

    MK : Yes – but change the title of the 2 demo slides to “Please wait for Demo Video to play”.  Most users will not see the video start playing in time.

    Put on your Consumer Lens and answer:

    1. Would you use this mobile app?

    MK : Not for the reasons you mentioned.  In a car, my phone is a distraction. If it is targeted as an offers app, I may.

    1. Would you keep coming back to it, and for what reasons?

    MK : If I could specify what type of ads I am interested in, I would.  Perhaps pick up from my searches on ecommerce sites, or on Flipkart.

    Ideally it would remind me to come back with a notification.

    1. Either ways, would you like to sign up as beta user?

    MK : Yes

    1. Anything else we should consider from a Consumer perspective?

    MK : I need a reason to use the app.  I dont think I will use it as a congested billboard.

    I feel you should start with a focused app – just for properties, for example.  Solve the experience for that category of users?  

    Or do pilots with a mall, so that offers crop up for users who enter there?

    Put on your Brand / Media Agency / Media Owner Lens and answer:

    MK : Show consumer usage and everything ask for anything.

  6. Thanks a lot Mahesh. That’s very helpful.  One of the biggest challenges today from a content marketing perspective is how do we influence a consumer to interact with the brands, without always giving them a deal / discount on existing products and services. Consumer loyalty towards deal sites/apps is as good as the last deal they got.

    I’m glad I posted here, as it reinforces our belief that:

    1. While it may make perfect sense for the brands to think of content based SoLoMo marketing, it’s the consumer that we need to keep at the center for our design.
    2. For our target population which consists of a large portion of bargain hunters, it might be difficult to attract/sustain usage unless we include some sort of a reward strategy.

    Thanks for signing up for beta testing 🙂 Will keep you posted.



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