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 Every start-up is born out of a dream. Add to that- the fire and the passion. Mix it with a vision and then you’re all ready to shoot off. Almost ready, that is.It’s the last part which is most important and most critical and in plain dreaded terms known as ‘budgets’. Marketing budgets, advertising budgets, and more. And that’s precisely where one thing comes in play: The choice to be different’ or to be radically different.

In today’s world bursting at the seams with message-media-mindspace clutter, there are only two ways to be heard and seen: Either via a mega media budget. Or balls. The balls to do something different. And how!

Just one word: Innovation. And it could be injected into every single aspect of your business, and business model. That too, without investing big monies into it.

A small case study would maybe help here. A saree shop in Surat’s main bazaar. Lined up in the same lane were 20 other saree shops. Each shop looking the same with their mannequins, the door attendants, the saree display styles. And the owner didn’t have media budgets. A simple 600 bucks idea’ changed the entire game. 4 mannequins that were lined up outside the store were made to wear long flowing wigs. 2 flat-bed fans were installed near the feet of the mannequins. Bingo. The mannequins’ saree pallus started fluttering, their hair started flying….it created a sensation…it got eye-balls, it got people attracted to walk into the shop. It increased footfalls by almost 300%. Simple idea was: a moving object would always attracted eyeballs, rather than a dead static object. Here, in this case, the objective of ‘bring in’ footfalls was more than achieved.

At Anti status-quo, we are just an idea’ that is born with a mission to help your business idea. By helping you with non-conventional thoughts, untried media, radical communication, or by even just showing you a an unexplored opportunity which lies hidden in plain sight.

A ‘new idea’ for you, everyday. That’s the very mantra we follow preach and practice. We’ve questioned the very answers that exist. We’ve broken some time-tested rules in the pursuit of the new. We’ve tried the untried business models, mixed and merged divergent disciplines to create something totally ‘new’. Encouraging dissent & lateral thinking, cross-pollinating and experimenting with life’s ideas, we’re adding the power of ‘imagination and innovation in everything we do. After all, the ultimate aim is to make your brand ‘be heard’ from amongst the ‘herd’. Call ashish on 93242 14884. Or write in at

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