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SummerLabel – Zomato for Fashion Lifestyle Stores

Hey Everyone,

Lovely to be here with you all in Rodinhoods. Its always exciting to go through what everyone has to contribute and tell about their journey’s, products or challenges. I have always looked upto the Rodinhoods community to hear about exciting products, people and even got a stellar pitch deck by Alok.

Myself, Apaksh Gupta (ex Entrepreneur who founded Smugglers, Delhi) and my cofounder Vanya Mishra, Miss India World 2012, have been intensely working with our team to build our first draft of SummerLabel. Think of SummerLabel like a Zomato for fashion and lifestyle stores. Stores could be both online or offline. What we do is help users discover amazing stores that are hard to find otherwise, show reviews/ratings of these stores, give you the ideal budget to shop from a store, and much more. Here is a glimpse of our beta currently available on Android Play Store.


We are beta testing the app currently among our first set of users and we are looking forward to some RodinHooders checking it out and giving in their views.

Here is the link to the android app:

We will highly appreciate it. Feel free to directly get in touch with me over LinkedIn. Here is my profile link: 

Thank you everyone!


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