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hunt for gifting investor

Dear Rodinhoods,

having spent considerable number of years (18+) in corporate life, i have embarked upon the entrepreneur life and already feeling sceptical, the uncertainty stems from the fact that i’m going after sector away from my domain expertise i.e. “gifting”, which i personally feel has immense potential (no this is not post Diwali symptom); yes i did had a brief stint with BILT during my corporate career where i was responsible for merchandising for the P3 chain of stores and this passion of mine did come to the fore but overall all my professional career has been primarily in healthcare sector….purpose of reaching out to in this forum is to take advice as to whom could i pitch with my business case> any leads of investors would be highly appreciated…look forward to pearls of wisdom.

warm regards



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  1. hi amit,
    while i don’t have any pearls of wisdom to share with you, i would urge you to search for all of our funding related articles – some of them share some excellent insights on how to go about seeking funding.
    pls go through alok’s vid –
    rudrajeet’s 99 questions –

    also, feel free to use alok’s funding pitch template which you could also post here on TRH.

    good luck!

  2. Hey Amit,
    There is a monthly review with the investors at Hyderabad Angels, Please get in touch with Esha Shah who is the investment associate and will guide you through out the process. You can also mention my name if you would like to as a reference.

    Contact details:

    if you have any questions or need some help, please feel free to ping me or drop me a email at

    All the very best!!


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