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Book Review- 13 Steps to Bloody Good Luck

Some people prefer reading from books which they have borrowed from the library. Some of them like to buy second hand books or rent them from a local vendor. I prefer to own my books. I love the feeling of a new book and my name written on it. So when I got a special edition signed copy of ’13 steps to Bloody Good Luck’ written by the celebrated author Ashwin Sanghi, it was a happy moment indeed. 

Now coming back to the review, the motivation to write an article for this book was my respect for Mr Sanghi as a writer. I still adore his ‘The Rozabal Line’ and consider it as his best work. This was his first non-fiction book and expectations were really high. And yes, the book is brilliant. Of course it’s not a literary genius and it is not meant to be. The book serves the purpose of being a quick self-help book.

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About the book: Luck is associated to logic and this is exactly what Mr Sanghi proves in his book. He brilliantly starts with a quote that to be successful all that you need is 99% luck and 1% bloody good luck. That wonderfully sets the tone for some logical and doable steps to get that bloody good luck. The best part of the book is that it has a number of quick anecdotes and examples of how luck has played a major role in getting successes and bringing in fortunes and it is definitely in our hands to get that luck. I also loved the way he has concluded the book. One of the best conclusions to any self-help book ever and I am not exaggerating.

Writing Style: Simple is the word that comes to my mind if I have to describe the writing style of the book. The language is apt for its target audience and it serves the purpose well. The educational value of this book is tremendous and can be recommended to student readers. To sum up it is the simple writing style that makes this book unputdownable. (Quite literally, I completed it in one sitting)

Concept: Mr Sanghi stresses upon the point that luck is not unsurmountable as being perceived by many of us. It is definitely in our hands to acquire that bloody good luck. Some of the critical factors that he enlists are Network, Intuition, Risks, Alertness, Making most of the situations etc. He also brings in a lot of examples to support his points and those examples make this book a page turner. I would stop here otherwise this would become a spoiler!

Conclusion: Mr Sanghi is one of my favourite Indian authors and this book is a real good read. Read it for its simplicity. Read it for the efforts the author has put in to bring in all those wonderful examples. Lastly, read it for yourself, so that you get that 1% of bloody good luck!

My Rating: 7.5/10

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