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GottaGo: Find a Restroom near You

Hello all,

After years of working on this idea, i have finally managed to launch an App GottaGo, to Find a Restroom near you.

The idea was born when we recognized the importance of finding a clean restroom when traveling within the city for shopping or simply hanging out with friends and family. With increasing commutes, traffic and lack of clean public infrastructure, travelers often find themselves searching for a restroom nearby.

We started a website that listed information of restrooms, area-wise on a website called back in 2010. With the smartphone medium, the experience got better with detecting the location of the user using GPS and then directing the user through navigation that they are already familiar with.

When we created the first version of the app and circulated it among friends, we got great feedback. Especially women, with young children, found locating a clean and hygenic restroom at their fingertips a huge boon.

We had a few evangelists in every city go and check out these places before we listed them. We also built user feedback into the app which allows users to rate the options provided once they use the facility. They can also let us know if a restroom isn’t working any more or is shutdown.

GottaGo currently lists over 10,000 restrooms mapped across malls, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, railway stations, museums, etc.

The app is currently available on the Google Play Store and will soon be available on the Apple App Store. The service is currently available for users in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai and plans to expand to other cities over time.

Do download it, give it a go and send your feedback.

https://GottaGo.Help is the official website for the App.

If you like it do share it, if you have feedback, i am all ears.

Thank you,


You can find me on


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  1. kunal – I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    THE DESCRIPTION “Where to Pee? Search for toilets around your current location using the GPS built-in!”


    being a woman, and a mom of a girl child – i think you’ve really really solved a huge pain point!!!

    thank you!!

  2. Thanks Asha 🙂 Am glad you liked it… This is just the beginning… We have tons of features which we will be adding soon…

  3. Hi Kunal,

    This is pretty cool – I think this has the potential to be a really huge hit! Good luck.



  4. hey kunal,

    y’day alok shared your app over his fb – check out some of the comments there pls!

  5. Hey Asha, Thanks… i was checking the post till yest even… i have replied to some of the issues people are facing…



  6. Rocking Bhai. I must admit, you converted a great problem into a Greater opportunity. I hail your crazy thinking. Keep it up. I recall a quote from Mr. Jagdish Joshi, “Crazy people create history, wise people normally read history.

  7. hey kunal,

    how’s gotta go doing??!! would love an update from you!

  8. Hi Asha,

    It’s going slow 🙂 Need some tips on how i can increase number of downloads… We did kickstart our SM activity a month back… let’s see if we can build some good community there…

    Do follow us on fb and twitter…


  9. kunal – pls read every bit rahul varshneya has written on apps.

    and go through this presentation of alok’s

    while sharing this post – mention @therodinhoods over twitter – will RT you!

  10. I did 🙂 but still a challenge… 

  11. Hey Kunal, 

    Nice concept, you should also include public convenience, since at time you would not like to walk down or park your car at a mall, also i notice few information were incorrect too. Like it showed McDonald but didn’t show which sector in noida, and showed would take 10 min.

    Also the get direction option doesn’t work. Like without me moving from my location, it showed me that I have arrived at my destination, this means it is giving wrong coordinates to google maps.

    Additionally, since I am using your app, I would ideally like your app to give me direction instead of opening google maps.


  12. Phew! A great idea. The concept is new and amazing. Clap! Clap! Clap!

  13. Thank you 🙂

  14. Yes just did 🙂

  15. Great idea. Especially in a country like ours. Would love to see you guys make it more reliable and accurate. All the best!

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