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Calling Zuck, Knowlarity, Selling, Cold Calling, Raining, PNRSeva & Gangs of Startuppur!! [June 25-July 1, 2016]

Hey there Rainy-Sunny Rodinhooder!

We’ve had a crazy rainy week in Goa and since I’m not the romantic monsoon kinda person, this newsletter is dedicated to those of you who are!!

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Ek taxi app bheegi bhaagi si…

Many congrats to team Instago for raising angel funding! About 15 months ago they launched at one of our Rodinhooder of Delhi Meetups!!

Tip-tip barsa content of the week…

Sushrut has written a brilliant article on the customer reaction of the recent Knowlarity outage, reminding us how important customer loyalty is!

“Selling is about selling to people and not selling things. So you must understand the art of people!” Watch Alok’s latest video on HOW TO SELL!

Rodinhooder Deep is pissed off. Read ‘Zuck, where are my clicks’ and share your digital media gyaan as well.

Did you read Sameer’s loooooong, bare all the effing scars wala post on surviving 4 yrs of biz last week? YOU MUST! #RodinStar

Gangs of Startuppur! Rodinhooder Dhruv expresses his pain while trying to hire newbies who are all about ‘SHOW ME THE MONEY’!

Startups ko aane do!

PNRSeva – As the name suggests, an app that makes tracking PNR easy!

Cosset – a period subscription box. Rodinhoodnis – pls check it out and give suggestions/ideas so Gunjan can improve on the box & service!

Powerlabs – a presentation & content studio to save you from “Death by PowerPoint”

Queries gire saawan…

ASK SUDI Anything About Market & Marketing Strategy!

[In case you’re new on or have been away from TRH for a while, we have a special section called ASK RODINHOODERS where you can reach out to different experts from different verticals!]

Lagi aaj ideas ki phir who jhadi hai…

If you’ve considered sales related cold calling & emailing for your startup – then you are the right person to validate Narayanan’s idea!!

“Don’t just do something, stand there. Innovative entrepreneurs regularly push back from the desk to do nothing. They think. They ponder. They daydream. They meditate.”

Sandeep shares some sure ways to create a more innovative business! Very very neat!

Rimjhim Rimjhim EVENTS across cities!

Startup Weekend Bangalore (NUMA)  July 8-10 – Don’t miss! 

Nasscom Product Conclave KOLKATA beckons on July 15!!!

Alok is doing a couple of sessions there – so do catch up with him and feed him some rasgullas :). 

TRH BANGALORE OPEN HOUSE IS ON JULY 30 and we’re gearing up to rock you!

PLS RSVP for sure – we’ll be submitting a list of attendees to our Venue Partner Yahoo!

We’re busy finalizing the agenda and will announce it soon! So look out for it in your inbox :). If you want to volunteer to be a part of the organizing team, pls fill up this form. If you want to partner us, pls write to me!


We had a trippy newsletter last time – if you missed it – grab it now!

And if reading/writing newsletters is your thing – you can sink into all of them here!

that’s all from me this week. romantic. sometimes.



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