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Why can’t Founders get along with the CEOs they appoint?

What can’t founders get along with the CEOs they appoint? What goes wrong?

I’ve been thinking about this deeply. My views:

1. The founder has never experienced people in his Company being more powerful & taller than him. He has seen people in shadows; not as the Sun. When the appointed CEO begins to become bigger than his past, he can’t reconcile with it.

2. The petty becomes big. Molehills become Mountains. Small issues the new CEO does makes the founder explode. It’s just pent up emotions looking for an excuse to be released.

3. Founders feels very uncomfortable when people in their companies start becoming “irrationally rich”. It’s an emotional weakness created by struggling for years and going through horrid times. When money never came easy, it can’t be given away easy either.

4. There are 2-3 “Narad Munis” always surrounding the founder who are “chugli” masters. (Professional moaners who constantly feed the founder irritating news). Even the most sane and intelligent founders get swayed by emotions created by these people and forget their own intellect.

5. Founders don’t know how to let go. Leaving an office or vacating a cabin does not manifest in their real psyche. Mentally, founders are still sitting in oak boardrooms and leather swivel chairs controlling the Star Fleets like Captain Kirk. They just can’t comprehend the state of “non existence” or Nirvikalpa Samadhi…(see below)

Please add views as comments and I will include the most meaningful points in an update to the post with credits!

(Nirvikalpa samādhi, is a mergence of the mental activity (cittavṛtti) in the Self, to such a degree, or in such a way, that the distinction (vikalpa) of knower, act of knowing, and object known becomes dissolved — as waves vanish in water, and as foam vanishes …)


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  1. Ego, attachment and not willing to let go….. Nicely explained in the Passing of Arthur below!
    “And slowly answer’d Arthur from the barge: “The old order changeth, yielding place to new, And God fulfils himself in many ways,

    Lest one good custom should corrupt the world.”

    In history only one thing, namely, change is constant. King Arthur replies with calm fortitude to the inconsolable Sir Bedivere that however magnificent and worthy the institution of ‘The Knights of the Round Table’ might have been it is only appropriate in God’s divine plan that it should pass away and give way to a newer institution because any institution which lives on and on will only become irrelevant and thus harmful to society.

    • The passing of Arthur!!!! MY GOD!!!! My fav poem of all time!! Did you study this in ICSE? I did …

      Where are u based?

  2. Very important to note – point # 3; that would be, I guess, the prime reason for agony…

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