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A Noble Business Idea

My motivation for writing this article is to get suggestions/help from Rodinhoods like you. Kindly do post your valuable comments. I am thankful to ro...Read More

Requesting help to validate the business idea of PROVEGA SOLUTIONS

This is my first post on, appreciate any help and guidance possible. We are a revenue generating startup, which started 6 m...Read More

Help me to validate my idea, in return I will give 1,000 users for your mobile app.

Summary : We are working on a new way, for mobile app owners to market their mobile app to users, at one tenth of existing CPI. We want to validate ou...Read More

Why Entrepreneurship and My First Venture

Sometimes, life takes you on a different path. A path where you’ve been away from yourself for such a long time, that you need to question every...Read More


A must read for every entrepreneur! Hello to every Entrepreneur who is reading this piece of courage. Today I’m gonna share an amazing story with you ...Read More

I don’t want to quit, but I want to survive too

This might be one of the weirdest post on, I finally decided to start my own business, an advertising agency, after attendi...Read More

Looking for a Senior Software Developer – Mean Stack

Hi, We are looking for a “Senior Software Developer – Mean Stack” preferably based out of Kochi. Job Title: Senior Software Develope...Read More


Hi Everyone, I hope your startups are ROCKING and creating value! Will you pay me a salary of 2.5 Crores/Month if I promise to help you SPEND 3000 Cro...Read More

Tinker Bot – Redefining Education

In the past few years Artificial Intelligence and Chat bots have been the hot topics for discussion. There have been significant developments in the f...Read More

The Hidden Logistics Scam That Is Making You Bleed Cash

This post previously appeared on Zepo Blog! There is something dark about Indian E-commerce logistics that nobody is talking about. Big numbers acknow...Read More

Need Feedback and Tips – Kya mere start up mein Point Hai?

Hi Rodinhooders! I am Manan Shah, Founder of My website is for all those “image lover and pocket saving” people (mind you… here image lov...Read More

Interview Management System from

Hello Folks, We have integrated a cloud based desktop into our video conferencing application which can be used to interview candidates on technical f...Read More

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