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Cross border E-commerce China to India

Hello everyone!

I am Cheng Guodong, an Entrepreneur on E-commerce from China.

And I am very glad to join the community knowing there are many people who are like me.

With a passion to start a business venture on cross-border retail, I am desperately in need for people from India side to join me the venture.

Indian consumer does not get the value for money they paid. Generally speaking, consumer goods are much more expensive than that of China. Nowadays Low quality product is dominating the market. The import, wholesale, distribution, retail are running in a very low efficient way. As a result of the low efficience lots of expense occurs in the supply chain from factory to consumers, which leads to very high retail price.

I am looking for energetic and passionate people to join us. If you are expert in any of these area, please contact me.

  1. develop e-commerce website
  2. run e-commerce business
  3. do digital marketing with great success

I have a plan to revolutionize the retail business. Contact me if you are interested.

My email is



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