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Media Coverage – Thanks To TRHS

Things happen when you least expect them. And things SURELY happen if you are part of TRHS. So the story of our coverage in DNA goes like this.

Ahh, before that why don’t we all take a look at the coverage

That’s me holding the company placard. So what really happened was I had connected with the angelic Rodinhooder Darshan sometime in mid-December and we exchanged ideas. Everyone here at TRHS would agree how helpful Darshan is and how he goes out of his way to help and connect with others. Our discussion gave him a brief overview about what the company was about & the rest of the W’s & H’s (Where, What, Why, How, …). One fine day in late December, I was tagged by him in one of his facebook comment threads where a DNA reporter was looking for Entrepreneurs in Jaipur so that he could cover them for his story. And, this was the start. I connected with him and gave him the details requested by him.

It’s the people here who make the platform worth its weight in gold. Blessed to be a  part of this since my college days.


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  1. So Happy for this Sourav!!! To the Final output as well!

    Happy Makar Sankranti   Wishing you Many more to come in the Future too!! For KuberBox

    Congratulations! to You, Gaurav Munjal of Flat.toHarshit Gupta of SHArP Edge Learning Pvt. Ltd as Well!!!

    Good Luck, Believe in Yourself and Keep Doing it! 

  2. this is just so awesome sourav!!!

    perfect “out of the box” or shall i say “out of the park” case study 🙂

  3. On that note, here’s another “Out of the park” story –

  4. Darshan do bhagwaan!! :)) Asha I think I shouldreally think aboutmy Mumbai OH trip.. Waiting to meet many awesome people.

    And Sourav – Congrats for being featured!! When any of the Rodinhooders get published, it gives us all a little kick!! Great to know that you are from Jaipur. That’s where I am twice every month! So next time I am there, I wish to meet you. Just to feel the spirit of rodinhooding in my home town. Keep rockinG!

  5. anamika… you could have a #CoffeeMeet during one of your visits to JAIPUR!

  6. 🙂 Yeah!!! Sourav you listening na !

  7. A tea meet at tapri: – very near to Central park. Will let you know when I am there. 

  8. sourav – you mean a Rodinhooders of Jaipur Meetup, right?

    an Open House happens only if Alok is present. otherwise it is termed as a Rodinhooders of City Meetup (where presentations are called for. team delhi does an excellent job of organising meetups every 2 months).

    we have different event brandings to avoid confusion 🙂

  9. This was to Start as Suggested to Sourav and Sankalp to start with the Jaipur Chapter of the RodinHoods CoffeeMeets vis-a-vis the various Other city Meetups, like Pune, Coimbatore, Indore, Lucknow and other cities as well too Likewise, to Collect for the Grand OH planning with Alok, You and the other nearby Rodinhooders, who would be able to attend as well.

    It All started On this date here 🙂

    I was to Talk to you guys About this, Did not know the Cat would be out of the Bag This soon 🙂 Now You can take it forward with Guidance and schedules as appropriate too! Cheers!!

  10. arrre we can still talk about it in mumbai!!!

    feb 8th – see you there. jaldi aana!!

  11. Way to Go!!! 🙂 Once again!!

    Keep adding them a KuberBox No Doubt!

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