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Coimbatore Meet-Up – 21-09-2012

A group of aspiring entrepreneurs, an excellent evening to share ideas and though process – well, the Rodinhooders Coimbatore meet-up took place in an admirable way at Haritham Technologies office, Coimbatore. It was a great opportunity for me to try and imitate Alok Kejriwal as I was inspired by Alok’s way of handling Mumbai Open House. Though I learnt a lot in the process I was able to justify fairly in trying to share the purpose of Rodinhoods.

The Coimbatore Rodinhooders forum started with my elucidation of Rodinhoods as a concept and role of entrepreneurs in business industry. The discussion moved into the advantages of presenting ideas into open forum; avoid the fear of idea duplication / copy, and creating a value for the idea architects. The open forum also shared their experiences on how they crossed their critical situations in business to become more sustainable. 

I presented the PPT of Pick’n’host, for young entrepreneurs to provide an idea of presenting their respective concept in future Rodinhoods forum events.  The forum discussed on how You-tube as a business became a Balance Sheet model to Profit & Loss model (exactly the same way how Alok would have handled the same – Of course had to prepare myself on the number of Google – Youtube association), Dr. Reddy’s laboratory made business ideas.

Satish, an experienced entrepreneur shared his business ideas, past experiences. He also expressed the required fund, people support to execute his ideas in business world. 

Mrs. Poornima, a well-known entrepreneur of Annalakshmi group of restaurants, expressed her views on Annalakshmi as a concept, her guru-ji and his blessings on creating such a great idea, and her entrepreneurship models. 

Venkat shared his experiences with start-up companies and Sugumaran Upplili shared his experiences about the mentoring process of Alok in Game2win days.

Although, there were frequency power-cut issues, the darkness of the place is overridden by the mobile device lights of everyone.  It proved that the solution always appears when there is a critical need for it.

The open forum members shared their business cards, and facebook IDs to get connect. The Rodinhooders of Coimbatore meet-up finished around 7:30 as a great experience to everyone participated.

Our special thanks to Mrs.Poornima to come forward to provide the conference room at                 Sree Annalakshmi hotels for next Rodinhood meet-up and mixer which can accommodate at least 50 Members at a time of course free of cost.


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  1. Really sorry guys!!! I missed something which is very important. Many many more thanks to GV Muthukumar who has really helped me in posting this feedback. Without his help it would not have been possible for me to update the discussions as I have been running after some critical meetings.

    Also, as always had been getting constant guidance from Asha. Thanks a lot both of you!!! Learning the hardways to reach the goal…

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