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Content Marketing, Customer Service, Cusps, Cement, FiFi & Running Alone for 5 yrs! [Sept 3-9, 2016]

Namaskar Rodinhooder!

It’s been an enchanting week for me – hope for you as well! I’ve been travelling – first to Hampi and now to Mysore! It’s a state bandh here today – I seem to have an affinity for them whenever I am in Karnataka. To fix this, I have recently visited many temples and have prayed to every startup and non startup God to look out for us on SEPT 24, 2016. SAVE THE DATE! We have planned a rocking TRH BANGALORE OPEN HOUSE and YOU ARE INVITED!!

I know I sound like a broken record, but pls RSVP for sure! It helps everyone 🙂

 We have some very engaging sessions lined up for you – do check out the agenda. And if you’d like to be a part of the organising team – pls paint your name here! 

I shall now take you on a tour of TRH Content Palace…

“Sell, of course, to those that know you. You must get the cash register rolling. However, don’t keep selling too long only to your circles. That’s your personal oyster; the real world is like the big bad unforgiving ocean. Embrace early on the feeling of rejection that defines the Sales profession.”

Rodinhooder Venkat shares his lessons of being a single founder for 5 years. #RodinStar

“The fear of playing the game with the big boys.
Of being crushed for no fault of ours.
Of not being able to scale up.”

Read Rodinhooder Vinit’s ‘Hustle your way around the big boys’ – the struggles & learnings of being a part of the cement industry…

“If you believe in customer research, it pays to also understand the sentiments of your own people, what keeps them engaged? What are their present barriers to optimal performance? Did they feel recognized enough for the good work they do? Why do they continue to stay with the company, while some have quit?”

Rodinhooder Michelle shares 5 customer service insights for entrepreneurs!


Startup Sandalwood!

FiFi – A fitness assistant (app) – Read Rodinhooder Vipul’s amazing story behind the story!!


Smooth as Mysore Silk…

Rodinhooder Pardeep’s travel budget hacks are famous! Check out how he spent a two month long vacation in Thailand!Salary Rs 80k Job: Content Marketing Head (remote) 

Rodinhooder Priyanka strongly feels you should outsource your content marketing – read why!! 

When at Cusps: Technology vs Technology – MVS Murthy leaves you with something to chew on…

Mysore Pak!

In case you were caught up in the traffic or were catching a flight last Friday – don’t forget to read last time’s goodies!

Do check out the Startup Opportunities in our JOBS section.


Signing off for the week with this awesome view of Hampi. It’s dedicated to each one of us who feels lonely at the top, middle or bottom 🙂

‘coz no matter what you do or wherever you are, you can’t take the rodinhood out of a rodinhooder.



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