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How To Design A Startup Office Space In Less Than 1 Lac

With many new businesses popping up in every corner of the country, office spaces are in a huge demand. With the office space rent taking up most of your resources, it makes you think of how to build an office space within a budget. Being experienced in building an office space within a budget, here are some tips you could use to build an office space under 1 lac:

Office supplies can be pricey. Taking inspiration from Pinterest and Youtubers, DIY projects are a great way to save money. Get your hands dirty and build your own quirky decor pieces. For displaying art, quotes, or pictures, there are a number of things you can use apart from buying photo frames. A simple way to hang inspirational quotes and pictures is using clipboards. You can also recycle objects, purchase cheap old wooden frames and refurbish them. Another example of how to build an office space in budget is using fairy lights to hang up images/team pictures as shown below.

Hot to build an startup office


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Instead of buying expensive art, look online for the perfect pictures you’d like to see in your workspace and print them out. This way, you can avoid commitment too. At some point if you’re unsatisfied or tired of the pictures, you can simply print out a new one and switch them.

For other decor around the office, or furniture, search for second-hand material. Wooden chairs and desks can be revamped and modernized to use in your new-age workspace for an elegant feel.

Another method of how to build an office space in budget is to loop in a budding designer. They don’t charge as much as the established interior designers, but their work is just as amazing. In exchange for the wonderful services provided in limited funds, you can also promote them extensively on your social media. Word of mouth also goes a long way. Their decor would help building an office space that makes you want to go to work. The exposure you provide them will help them in turn. In fact, a good artist deserves the recognition for the hard work they put in.

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  1. When you don’t have a budget it’s good to start with second-hand and refurbished furnitures and stuffs. But as per Vastu-shastra Second hand things carry negative energy and shouldn’t be used to Start something NEW in your life. I may be sounding like ‘Orthodox Uncle’ here but that’s what I have learned from my own experiences too.
    Anyways; good post. Thanks for sharing !

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