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Explainer Video – Everything you want to know about making it

“Visual memories are the strongest memories”

Animation Explainer videos help you create a lasting memory in the users mind, if done properly.

Animation Explainer video is not just a video. Consider it to be your sales executive pitching your product to its viewer in person. Explainer Video has become an absolute necessity for a new business especially startups. Startups generally have a new concept/idea which needs to be presented to its prospective users/clients in an interesting manner and nothing works better than an explainer video.

To understand better, watch- 20 Awesome Animation Explainer Videos

For example – Squatty Potty which helps it users in correcting their pooping posture created an explainer video and got 31m views so far.

We at have served more than 450 clients with their video requirements in last 2 years. During this journey, we realized that first-time-clients have a few queries in mind when they start looking for explainer video makers. So we decided to share this knowledge and make their life easy.

I am sure, you will not have any further questions after reading this. But if you still have, feel free to email me your query at ntayal(at)stagephod(dot)com

What is Explainer Video making process?

Step 1: Script writing

The process starts with writing a good script. Concept/Script is the king in any video. The very idea of a video is to explain more in less and that’s where good script writing is an absolute necessity. An ideal script should be of 150 to 200 words and not more than 250 words. Spend some 3-4 days on script, have some 2-3 iterations and then finalize it. Once the script is locked, it is very difficult to change a single word from it.

Step 2: Production

Once is script is finalized, it goes into production where the animator creates animation around it. Normally it takes around 7 to 10 days to create the first draft of video.

Step 3: Feedback incorporation

Once the first draft is done, you can give your feedback and suggest changes. Once the changes are incorporated, your final video is ready. Overall it takes around 2 to 3 weeks to create the desired video.

Animation Explainer video statistics

What is the cost of creating explainer videos in India?

Things that contribute to the cost of an explainer video:

Duration of Animation – In animation videos, video maker has to create visuals for every second. So more the duration, more the effort and hence more the cost.

Type of animation – Cost depends on whether you are going for 2D Animation or 3D Animation or motion graphics, etc.

Quality of animation – Quality is directly proportional to price. Quality of animation also depends on skills and experience of the video maker

Type and Quality Voice over – US/UK accent voice over costs more than Indian accent voice over. Also, professional VO artist will cost more than an amateur one.

Can you give me a rough estimate of price based on quality?

For simplicity, we can divide the quality into 3 parts:

Basic quality

10k to 25k

Medium quality

30k to 70k

High quality

80k to 1.5L


What are the different types of Animation one can go for

  • Motion Graphics
  • 2D character animation
  • 3D character animation
  • Stop motion
  • White board animation
  • Tool based animation

To know more about each animation style – Read What is the best animation video style for your business

Questions you should think through before approaching any Video Production Company

  • Try to think through the basic concept for the video, tell that to animator and then be open for the feedback
  • What kind of animation video would be suitable for your product. This is not a difficult task. A spend of 20-30 minutes on understanding each animation would give you an idea
  • Duration of the video – Ideally it should be around 90 seconds and not more than 120 seconds. Trust me, companies have told complex concepts in less than 90 seconds.
  • Your maximum budget – Do some market research, figure out a maximum budget which you can spend and try to find the best man for the job to produce best possible quality. Do not just settle for the lowest price.

What qualities to look for in the video maker or video producing company?

Creativity – Creating an explainer video is a creative activity and this be your biggest filter. You can check video maker’s previous work to gauge that.

Price – This is obviously the most important factor and a tricky one. Too high would not be good for your pocket and too less might not fulfill your video creation agenda.

Professionalism – This is the most underrated factor while selecting a video maker but a very important one. Many a times companies make the mistake of going for the cheapest option and start suffering because of unprofessional attitude of the video maker. Delivering on time, quality promised and proper communication are the criteria not to be taken lightly.

Marketing ideas – Video marketing doesn’t just end with creation of video. Video needs to be distributed well and marketed well enough. You should ask for some ideas from video maker regarding distribution and marketing of video

What should be done once the video is created?

  • Make sure you have a proper Call To Action in the video
  • Do Youtube SEO properly – Just do not post it on YouTube. Add a proper title, keywords and description before publishing the video
  • Share in all relevant Facebook groups – Once you post your video on Facebook or YouTube, share the video on all Facebook groups where your target users are interacting.
  • Link it in your email signature – You are sending emails to so many people. So why not use that as a distribution medium for your video.

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