Author: Nikhilesh Tayal launches a market place to hire TV, Bollywood celebrities

Celebrity presence in your event (be it wedding or a corporate event or even a video) not only incre...Read More

Explainer Video – Everything you want to know about making it

“Visual memories are the strongest memories” Animation Explainer videos help you create a lasting me...Read More

How we are ‘Product’-ifying the Video Creation ‘Service’ with Readymade videos?

Imagine this: You need to buy a house because you have to shift next month. But you don’t have time ...Read More

Where the hell did the monsoon of funding disappear?

Now-a-days (after the big move of demonetization), like big currency notes, big funding has also van...Read More

Why you should go for Facebook video marketing and not YouTube

The most common mistake companies are doing when it comes to digital video marketing is making the s...Read More

From zero to 1 crore in 15 months without any marketing budget – Stagephod Story

Starting up is tough… Re-starting up is tougher… Re-starting up with no money is tougher square (if ...Read More

Funny Investor Entrepreneur meeting

There are many fake investors who give false gyan to new entrepreneurs. We took a funny take on thes...Read More

Presenting – a market place to hire quality protesters – a market place to hire quality protesters. Yes, you read it right, a technol...Read More

How I and other startups cracked content marketing and made businesses

“Hey, I attracted a lot of paying customers through content marketing. You must write a blog and ton...Read More

Why Entrepreneurs should master the art of storytelling

Entrepreneurs have to deal with many and different people – clients, employees, media, investors, ve...Read More

How I met my co-founder – Akhil Gupta

This part of the #HowIMetMyCofounder series. Startup demands a lot of work both physically and menta...Read More

Simplifing video making process for startups

You’ve probably heard that video is future of marketing. You’ll know how important it is to create a...Read More

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