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Fighting Co-founders, Potholes, Galijob, Shop4impact and Let’s Teach Driving! [Aug 6-12, 2016]

My dear Rodinhooder,

Looking forward to the loooong weekend? What are you planning? A holiday that extends beyond the weekend, and brings you back to work on the 22nd?! Wow. I’m jealous :). Or are you going to pamper yourself over the freedom sales? Will you movie-binge? Or book-binge? Watch the Independence Day Parade or the Olympics on TV? Or simply do lots of family & friends time?

I’m going to do a bit of everything. And since I live in a holiday destination, I shall dig my toes in the sand and just pretend :). 

Breaking News!! SEPT. 24 – IT’S A DATE BENGALURU!

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We’ve finally been able to re-schedule our TRH BANGALORE OPEN HOUSE! Yeah! We’re back and gonna rock the city on SEPT. 24 (SAT) – at Yahoo! (EGL) from 2-6pm. PLS BLOCK YOUR CALENDAR. We will share the new event announcement very soon for you to RSVP and book your samosa!


Freedom Run!

When co-founders fight, how do they kiss & make up??!! Well I reached out to a few of our rodinhooders who have shared their interesting make up stories. Do share what you and your co-founder do in the comments and the best stories will feature in the main article!

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Learn to write for your business’s sake! Priyanka in her next passionate post!

The fundamentals that help MyPoolin grow more than 100% every quarter!

Here’s a petition to BMC to accept citizen made Spothole App by our rodinhooders at Fill in the Potholes. Pls sign and spread the word!


Startup Flags!

Galijob – a hyperlocal mobile job marketplace for field teams and entry level job seekers

Shop4impact – donate while shopping without paying extra!

Helical Insight – Open Source BI Platform powered by machine learning.

Let’s teach them how to drive says Rodinhooder Mandar!! He has an amazing idea to launch an online training platform for better driving and road safety. Share your feedback & inputs and spread the word!


Startup Anthem!

Nikhilesh wanted help with listing on Product Hunt. Rodinhooder Layak Singh simply did it for him!

Newbie Rodinhooder Amiitabh wants to know more about crowdfunding and its financial implications.



TiE Mumbai Smashup 6.0 – Aug 20

Be sure to avail of the Special Rodinhooder Discount RIGHT NOW! There will be other rodinhooders attending so do look out for them!!

Centennial Startup Saturday – Aug 20

Pls Register NOW ‘coz no walk-ins allowed!!


Beachhouse Project GOA (Sept 12-18)

As the name suggests, this creative idea hack meet (plus much more!) will be at a secret tucked away bungalow in Goa (no , Jay hasn’t shared the details with me, YET!) 

Did you miss last time’s newsletter? Or any of them, at all? FIND THEM ALL HERE!


The Parade!

If you’re serious about catching up on your rodinhooding – we’ve got


472 startups in SHOWCASE



68 PPTs

1117 Queries in ASK

583 posts in JOBS



That’s a lotta stuff to keep you busy over every long and not long enough weekend!!

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happy holidays.



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