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Get Paid Rs 100 Paytm Cash When You Appear For An Interview At SutraHR

The demonetization movement has massively affected the Indian masses. I believe this movement towards a cashless India would be more successful if it were backed by the youth of the country.

paytm wallet offer
At SutraHR, we thought of a new initiative to spread awareness about digital cash and e-wallets amongst the youth. Any candidate who appears for an interview at SutraHR till 5th December 2016 will be rewarded with Rs 100 Paytm cash. Here’s what you need to do:

1) Visit our careers page and apply for a job.
2) On receiving your resume, someone from our HR team will call you for a telephonic interview.
3) Once you clear your telephonic interview, you will be called in for a face-to-face interview.
4) On arriving at the office, we will transfer Rs 100 Paytm cash to your Paytm account.

This is our small way of supporting PM Narendra Modi’s movement towards a cashless India. This is applicable to all freshers and undergraduates. There’s no limit to the number of people who will be receiving the reward. Even if you don’t get the job, you will be receiving the reward.

1) If you do not have a Paytm account, we will help you create one on your arrival at the premises.
2) No cash will be given in hand in the absence of a Paytm wallet.
3) This amount will not be transferred via other methods such as a mobile recharge or movie ticket fare. We will strictly be transferring Rs 100 directly to your Paytm account.
4) This amount, once transferred to your wallet, can be redeemed for any purpose by you. We will not be held accountable for misuse of this amount.
5) Do not apply for a job if you do not wish to work at SutraHR as we take our hiring processes very seriously.
6) Applying as a joke or only to receive the money will result in instant disqualification.
7) We will be conducting a very serious telephonic interview process during which our HR team will decide whether you qualify for an interview or not.

To know more about our initiative, visit here.


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