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Heidi Roizen, Electric Motorcycles, Entrepreneur Tools, 12 Minute Noodles, Gestures & THE BIG MIGRATION! [Oct 1-7, 2016]

Kem Cho Rodinhooder!

Every Navratri, my heart and soul find their way to Gujarat, and my feet implore me to follow, but that just doesn’t happen! So I’ll dedicate this newsletter to the nine nights of non-stop dancing!

But before I get into my garba frenzy, A BIG CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR BAWI BRIDE WHO HAS BECOME BAWI MUMMY!! You can tweet your best wishes and blessings for our little Rodinhooder Murad at@perzenpatel or @BawiBride


TRH Dandiya Dhamaka!!


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So for a couple of days, we won’t be as active on our current site as we normally are, ‘coz we’re really working hard to give you an exciting new avatar! Next week (knock dandiyas) – you will get to post and read and continue rodinhooding from the all new TheRodinhoods! Do have a look at the beta site, test-drive it and share your feedback. Once the final version is live, we shall share a proper feedback form and improve it on-the-go, basis your suggestions!!

Inbox Messages on TheRodinhoods

In the meanwhile, pls grab any important information you have in your personal inbox on the current therodinhoods site; your private messages won’t be getting migrated. [All of your content will 🙂 ]. We will still have the current site around for a while, but I just wanted to give you a heads-up on this!

32 Steps Dodhiya!!

Rodinhooder Akshay shares what he learnt from Heidi Roizen and how it changed his life! THIS IS ONE INCREDIBLE STORY! #RodinStar

‘When in confusion, listen to your intuition and take decision’ – read Pardeep’s amazing story of intuition & good luck!

Teen Taali!

Some time back, studentpreneur Rachana posted about her VR project on TRH and found an angel investor! She has now launched her VR venture G for Gestures – pls check it out, congratulate her and share some feedback!

We have an awesome Funding Pitch in the house! Rodinhooder Pandian has created a working prototype of an electric motorcycle and needs help in finding an investor. Pls guide him and share all of your tips. If you could connect him to interested folks, that would be awesome!

Entrepreneur Evaluation Tool! Thiru has created this tool for all of us to evaluate ourselves! What’s your score?

Rodinhooder seeks feedback on his education venture “Insight17”

Ek Taali!

‘2 min noodles took 12 minutes!’ Rodinhooder Prashant has written an excellent piece on the way people commit deliveries to their customers…

By hook or by crook – Sajid is smitten by the “kya chal raha hai” bug!

7 books every aspiring entrepreneur should read. Pls add to Charlie’s list!

Raas Garba at Wharton!

Early stage rodinhooders – Don’t miss the opportunity to participate in the 21st WIEF STARTUP COMPETITION! LAST DATE TO APPLY: OCT 15, 2016.

In case you skipped reading last time’s newsletter – YOU GOTTA READ IT NOW!!

aavjo for now!

and do the rodinhood dance.

talk to you from TRH 2.0 soon!



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