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How CC Avenues helped Experia!!

E-Mail received :

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From: Abhik Prasad <>
Date: Mon, Jun 18, 2012 at 5:24 PM
Subject: Thank You 🙂

Hi Vishwas,


Just spoke to Pramod. Thanks a ton for making an exception for us and supporting I Am Gurgaon. We really appreciate it.


Alok : More power to the Rodinhoods. Thanks for creating a community which allows for such random acts of kindness.


To give you a quick 30-second brief: I am slightly passive member of the Rodinhoods and had recently read one of your posts about Vishwas and CCAvenue. In Gurgaon, I am helping this organisation called ‘I Am Gurgaon’ with digital marketing and raising funds. We were looking for a payment gateway and I remembered CCAvenue because of your post. Wrote to Vishwas and he agreed to waive off the one time setup of Rs 40,000 ( which means 800 more trees for us to plant)


Seems simple but I dont think it wouldnt have been so had the Rodinhoods not been there


So thought of dropping a quick note of thanks to both of you 🙂




Abhik Prasad

Experia Media

Cell: +91 9999 334 995



Thanks Vishwas for helping.

Thanks Abhik for sharing!


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