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On Selling 10,000 items on ebay, how has the journey been so far

We started off with selling dress materials and sarees and with an apt name “jasmine_collections” as the ebay seller id in Aug 2009

An year later, ditched that product folio to start selling laptops and hard disks

Nine months later as even that become unviable due to thinning margin and intense compeitition esp from Thailand imports and ” Dealer Warranty” products, shifted the entire product portfolio again to sell Memory, Sennheiser, Skullcandy, Mobile accessories

From 0 feedback in Aug 2009 to 1000 feedbacks in Aug 2011 to 5000 feedbacks in May 12, the journey has been anything but smooth…

but the “million Dollar Question” is, “did i make the millions”

well let me put it this way that i am able to make a decent living out of this while giving employment to three other people and currently restricting the portfolio and potential sales till i m able to work around the bottlenecks in terms of shipping handling and manpower…. so not a bad going, i guess,

wondering what my seller id is on ebay? i guess a few of you might have actually ended up buying from me there in the past. it was “jasmine_collections” earlier and now its “gizmobhai” named in line with the website that i run with the same name ie and


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  1. hey, hi.

    Im also trying to sell some stuff on eBay, but Im really unable to take off, I wanted to have some help, can we take this offline.

  2. Check out my latest article on Online Selling on a reputed platform (Ebay India) publishere here for the Rodinhooders…

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