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How Russsh rushed to help us.

Now a days there are lots of online communities. But as per definition, real community is the one where people vouch for each other and this is exactly why TRHS is the best community. I have seen several incidences where Rodinhooders have come together to help fellow Rodinhooders and I am proud to be part of TRHS.

Recently I also experienced the funda of Rodinhooders for Rodinhooders when one fine day, Utpatang got a big corporate order to fulfill in Delhi. But the product had to be procured from Mumbai. The shortest possible way to get the product in Delhi from Mumbai was to get it through flight which was costing around 16k, which was unaffordable. Second option was to get it via  train which was overnight journey. We managed to get in touch with a guy who was travelling from Mumbai to Delhi that day in train. But biggest challenge was how to make the parcel reach to that guy in the train.

The manufacturer agreed to deliver it till station but denied to coordinate with that guy in train and deliver it on train.

We posted the problem on facebook and asked for solution. Thanks to super-editor Asha ji. She connected us to Rodinhooder Bharat Ahirwar of in Mumbai which specializes in last mile delivery. Pawan from Russsh team approached us and understood our problem precisely and appointed the best guy from his team to execute the task.

The train had to depart at 5PM. Suraj Bane, the delivery expert from Russsh reached the station (BCT) at 3PM and waited for parcel to reach to station which had to be delivered by 4PM by the manufacturer. Due to some confusion and traffic the tempo got delayed.

The good thing that Suraj did was, he coordinated with the guy in train, got detail of his boggy, seat no. etc.; kept platform ticket handy, kept coolie ready.

But, tempo didn’t reach till 4:45 and all of us were panicked. Till 4:50 there was no tempo on station. We had lost all hopes. But then at 4:56 tempo arrived, and Suraj sprung to action. Quickly collected the parcel. Only three minutes were left. He rushed to the platform with coolie. Ran through the mad crowd of station. Just a few seconds before the train started moving, he loaded the parcel in train.

As we were waiting with bated breath, he called, “Sir, kaam ho gya.”

I can’t explain what a relief it was.

It wouldn’t have been possible if a smart guy like Suraj hadn’t coordinated so well.

Thanks a lot to Rodinhooder Bharat and his team. You guys were simply life saviour…Kudos to Russsh. You have earned a life time loyal customer.

Very very special Thanks to TheRodinhoods for being such a rich resource pool. Looking forward to add value with my knowledge base.

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Stay Awesome, Stay Utpatang. Let’s meet at twitter.



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