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How to Fix the SEO mistakes that as an entrepreneur you are making?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the most widely used digital marketing tools that lets you locate and connect with consumers who are the exact buyers of your products. It is a service that if performed correctly can deliver consistent and long-lasting beneficial returns on your business investments. Proper SEO that can turn your website into a controllable sales funnel will allow you to enjoy the skipping of expensive client acquisition process. But, in case you are committing any of the below SEO mistakes, you might be leaving the money on the table. Being an entrepreneur, you are more vulnerable to make mistakes. But, don’t worry, we are here to make you aware about the same along with the tactic to fix them.

Common SEO Mistakes That You May Be Making

No doubt that the Search Engine Optimization plays an efficient role in taking your website to the top level. But to ensure the best results, you have to use SEO in an effective manner without the mistakes given below:

Mistake 1: Not Targeting the Right Keywords: Not using the correct targeting keywords means you are not positioning your website and business for the potential consumers to find you. This is because the search terms you are using are wrong.

Fix: As per the SEO experts, you should always target:

  • Long-tail Keywords: Not using long-tail keywords is one of the foremost mistakes people make. No doubt that the broader, shorter and more generic keywords will provide more search traffic but attaining ranks for such ones is quite harder. Moreover, the traffic you will get in from them won’t be beneficial for your business.
  • Transactional Keywords: These act as the search terms that indicates the clients’ interest in purchasing from you.

Mistake 2: Poor Search Engine Optimization: Not always but in some cases, you might own underlying back-end problems even if your on-page SEO seems on track. Even when the front side of your site appears perfect & provides a good user experience, the code and structure that are the base of the website may be affecting your SEO performance.

Fix: Perform an SEO Check for your website by using the free tool such as SEOSiteCheckup. Going through the report will make you aware of the factors affecting your backend SEO. If any issue gets detected, fix it as soon as possible.

Mistake 3: Low Quality of Backlinks: High-quality backlinks indicate the search engines that your site is the trustworthy one. On the other hand, having low-quality backlinks can ruin your online reputation.

Fix: Locate and remove the toxic backlinks as soon as you could. To remove your backlink from an untrusted or false website, contact the site’s master & request them to take the link away.

Mistake 4: Blog not set properly: If your blog is on a domain different from that of your websites’ or if it is created on CMS without a fine SEO foundation or if it on a subdomain instead of a subfolder, then you may face a number of issues.

Fix: Host your blog or website on the WordPress. It is an excellent CMS that lets you create the custom site of your entrepreneurial dreams. With WordPress, your content creation and edition turn easy and provide effective SEO.

Mistake 5: Using inappropriate Plugins: Setting up a WordPress blog means that you are beginning with a right start. But the absence of correct plugins can make you leave the sales, social shares, and leads on the table.

Fix: Get the appropriate WordPress Plugins. There are a number of excellent plugins that the content industry uses on daily basis. Some of the most widely used plugins that can help you in improving and promoting your content along with maintaining the security are as follows:

Yoast SEO

Secure Socket Layer (SSL)

Click to Tweet & social sharing toolbars

Mistake 6: Not Tracking and Analyzing Your Progress: You can you prove your SEO success if you are not measuring it.

Fix: Keep tracking your SEO progress. There are several SEO tools that can track your performance on the basis of a number of factors like search traffic, the keyword you are ranking for, the number of backlinks you are having, and more. So, use such tools to identify and optimize your weaknesses by utilizing the best SEO practices. If still there is any confusion, contacting the PSD to Html Company can be the best option to go for any time.

Mistake 7: Ignoring Revamping of Your Content: Revamping the content is one of the most low-effort ways to boost up your SEO performance.

Fix: Keep upgrading your content. This will increase the traffic to your website. Create and publish the changes and yes, don’t forget to check your progress. Use any of the free accessible tools to do the same and ensure that the upgrading offers better results.

Conclusion: Fixing these usual SEO mistakes is an excellent method to begin improving the traffic to your website. So, learn the easy fixing and ensure avoiding the same mistakes in future. This, in turn, offers quite a remarkable website performance along with providing better ROI.


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