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Hunting for a sales champ at ConnectPlus

Hunting for a(that) sales champ at ConnectPlus, are you the one?


Who are you?*

  • A go-getter with a never-say-die spirit
  • You perfectly relate with Will Smith’s character in the film “The Pursuit of Happyness”
  • You love to ABC, Always Be Closing
  • You’re obsessed about mastering sales skills including chasing someone via Phone, Email, LinkedIn, Twitter to get a meeting, converting them as a customer
  • Every ‘No’ from a customer gives you a high and you’re insanely charged for your next ‘call’
  • A bonus if you are a charmer who can make even an iPhone user switch to Android

*aspiring to be

The arrows in your quiver:

  • Persistence, persistence, persistence, persistence and persistence, persistence!
  • Highly self disciplined and organised, wowing the customer with your timely followups
  • Laser sharp in logical speaking with delightful email writing skills
  • Skilled in selling a product with its current features, even when the customer is asking for more
  • Ability to think from customer perspective and propose the multiple facets of products as a solution to the customer as per their requirements
  • Excellent telephone handling and correspondence skills

What will you do?

  • Find and acquire new customers to the ConnectPlus Event Platform primarily via direct sales
  • Take care of end to end sales of ConnectPlus to organizers of business events including cold calling, emailing, meeting, follow ups.
  • Explore partnerships with event management companies & marketing teams of corporates
  • Close interaction with Marketing/Sales/Business Development managers of Enterprises

Here’s what you’ll get:

Are you game?

Charm us by sending a sales email, where the product you’ll be selling is you, yourself. Your target will be to secure a sales meeting with us. Impress us!

You have a great opportunity awaiting you to take your sales career to magnificent heights.

Not your cup of tea? Help that friend of yours, who you think is the right fit for this profile.

Looking for something else? Check out other opportunities with us.

Check out the beautiful version here : 🙂


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  1. Hey Zuhra,

    I must thank whoever wrote this. Very nicely written.
    Can I copy it for myself ?

    • Hi Puneet,

      Sorry for late reply.
      Sure.. You can copy. 🙂

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