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Dear Rodinhooders ….thanks for your valuable suggestions for finalizing brandname . Finally its ‘’CremeFresh’’(as  Akhil  suggested we just de-frenched ‘’CremeFraiche’’ ) . Need your help for low cost marketing of ice cream. Will give you the information about our Ice Cream and data of our city, Mangalore.

Mangalore is a Coastal ( Humidity is high – best for Ice creams)  city of 6 Lakhs people in a radius of 12kms. Main business is Fisheries,Health, Education and port. Mangalore Port handles  16 million metric tonnes of Cargo, has 13 Engg Colleges, 5 Medical/Dental Colleges, more than 30 Paramedical  Institutions , more than 10 Hotel Management colleges and more than 10 Hi Tech Hospitals. Have 3 Malls , 16 Screen Multiplex ,15 super markets and 3 Hyper markets .  Nearby town Manipal is another Educational/Health Hub.

In the Ice Cream Space there is No.1 who is in the market since 39 years, has 4 Parlours with more 300 covers,  does business of approximately more than Rs.6 Lakhs business per day. Gives Premium Fat ice cream with  good ambience in his Parlour at affordable rates. This is his USP. With this Parlour brand image he does same business as his parlour business in ratail where he sells Frozen Dessert/ Medium Fat IceCream  .  Customers doesn’t differentiate between Premium ice cream in parlour and medium/Fd in retail.

No.2 is in this market since 12 years built its brand on softy  Ice cream around the year 2000.

Started hard ice cream in the year 2002 is good in marketing , could open dealership every nook and corner in & around Mangalore where No.1 doesn’t give dealership ,  Spend lavishly for branding and presence in Malls , has financial will and strength to do that.

No.3 is a Bangalore player , has South Indian presence, good in packing,branding but gives Frozen Dessert.

And Last is , No.4 player , the national player , bad in distribution ,but recently started opening franchisee outlets.

We have 80 Dealers  in Mangalore and 25 Dealers in Manipal. The 80 outlets in Mangalore is not inside proper Mangalore city , but outside /interior places .In addition to this we have our two outlets , each 300 sfts.  We find it difficult in finding Dealers inside Mangalore city  to sell our Ice Cream. Most of the places covered by the above mentioned 4 players.

The No.1 player is so strong in brand equity that 99% of the dealers prefer them. We give 20% ( all of them give same 20% margin) dealer margin and in addition to that offer 5%-6% extra scheme to them. We started in the year 2011, from 1st to 2nd year we grown by two and half times , but 2nd to 3rd year it was flat

So, this year we are planning to enter niche segment in two categories , both premium ice cream range. As of now there is no presence in this space by any player. Our plan for Marketing is

  1. Sampling in Supermarkets / Malls
  2. Uniquely designed Ice cream vending vehicle for product promotions
  3. Kiosks in Educational Campus.

 #    We tried  hoardings in 2 places this summer  , but wasn’t of much help. May be needs more than 10 hoardings at a time to get noticed.

 #    Started  Home delivery of Ice creams/sundaes  ( Nobody gives ice cream home delivery

       In Mangalore) with less response.

Dear Friends  please give good ideas for marketing.



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