Author: kiran n. bolantkodi

What is the Advantage of Private Ltd. Company

Ours is small Proprietorship Ice Cream Manufacturing firm , operating since 2011. This year we are b...Read More


SUGGEST LOW COST MARKETING FOR ICECREAM   Dear Rodinhooders ….thanks for your valuable suggestions f...Read More

Suggest me Good Brand Name for Icecream

Hi, Please read  my posting  – More

Do we need a Brand Consultant ?

Do we need a Brand Consultant? As I have mentioned in this platform before , we(  myself and my wife...Read More

Any Rodinhooder From Mangalore, Coastal City Of Karnataka

Hi , Is there any Rodinhooders from Mangalore , the coastal city of Karnataka . Please contact me i ...Read More

Anybody Who can Help in my Icecream Startup( Two Years Old)

 Hello Rodinhoods,  Ours is  a Two Year old Startup Icecream Company operating in Coastal City of Ma...Read More

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