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India’s first aggregator of movie streaming websites is here!

Does it sound like you too? Because it is so much like us!! Every line, every word of it…

You decide to watch a movie online. And you’re happy to spend some crazy happy time… Happy time with your friends, or with your partner or maybe alone… For sure, it sounds fun! After all, who doesn’t like to binge on great films?

And then you decide – lets watch a romantic comedy. Sounds cool…

How about some movies to pick from IMDb? That sure is a good idea, and you get a list of top rated movies. Next 30 minutes you spend reading movie synopsis, watching trailers and browsing user reviews. You shortlist a few, but you aren’t fully sure of some.

So you decide to Google – and there comes some great suggestions -some of them by interesting bloggers and their take on each film. It’s already about 45 minutes now and you are still surfing what to watch.

You need to move forward. So you take a pause and pick one.

But where do you watch it? Torrents are anyway not safe (and illegal), virus prone and fast evaporating. Some popular websites that you know doesn’t have the chosen movie yet. And now you don’t know what to do!

The last thing you have in your mind is – to restart the decision process again… Arghh…

If any part of the above story resonates with you, Flickstree has got you covered!

Launching India’s first aggregator of movie streaming websites, powered by AI.

Flickstree aggregates all legal platforms to watch a movie online – a mix of free movies, pay-per-view movies and subscription-based movies.

And if you’re undecided what to watch, Flickstree’s self-learning algorithm learns all about you, and suggests movies you’d like. Completely personalized and superb movie suggestions.

Every movie passes through a critical lens of various filters before being suggested. So whatever you find on Flickstree, rest assured they are all top class!

Apart from personalized suggestions,

  • You can also search best movies by actors or directors
  • You can find great films recommended by popular film critics worldwide.
  • You can find what movies your friends like – maybe you want to give them a chance.
  • And if you are already subscribed to a platform, like Eros Now, or Netflix, or Amazon Prime, or (actually it doesn’t matter, because Flickstree has them all covered), you can find movies you’d like on your subscribed platform.


And if this sounds good – simply log on to and have fun…

Android users – please download the app from and show some love <3

Now that’s what we call – your guide to great films. It’s Flickstree !!


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  1. This page is unresponsive after a while (can’t select the last 3)

  2. This is very irritating… have a close button

    • Onboarding is a bit critical for our recommendations to kick in – so we have made it a mandatory process. But if that is irritating a user, I guess we should have a close button as suggested – point taken.

      In your case, I think the onboarding didn’t complete and that’s why the prompter screen comes repeatedly. May I request you to once complete the onboarding (is simple and interesting).. I would love your inputs/ feedback once you have accessed Flickstree.

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