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Inspiring starting up stories! A tribute to you on Independence Day…

We all engage in the clichéd Independence Day greetings. Got me thinking, what sets people free? What is freedom to each one of us? What have we done to cut ropes from things that prevent us from realizing our dreams? From making us happy? From doing what we really want to do in life?


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Today, my child took off the training wheels of her cycle and she’s cycling like a pro. The wheels had held her back. So maybe we all have some invisible training wheels we need to get rid of?

A lot of rodinhooders started up to set themselves free – either from the family business, from the Hari Sadus of the world; some to achieve financial independence, some to create value.  So I thought of sharing some memorable starting up stories that have been posted on therodinhoods in the last 5+ years, to celebrate freedom! Will keep adding more to this list!! 

[Pls note, some of these stories are very old and the rodinhooders have moved on to other places. But these entrepreneurial journeys will always inspire many of us…] 

My wish: may all of you set yourself free from whatever holds you back!

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In no particular order… 

‘How things started for me ‘by Vishwas Patel.

How Akshay backpacked his way to becoming an entrepreneur

‘From a juice center at the age of 7 years, to a Rs 200 crore mobile retail chain business’ – Sanjeev Bhatia’s amazing story!

Eternal Optimism – the story of how Nithin chased his dreams…

The toughest decision of Alok’s life – the exit of mobile2win India

Paratha Post and us – Rituraj’s awesome journey

Why you should never give up on your dreams – Mubaid’s never say die story!

‘Almost 2 years out in the cold and loving it’ – Sushrut’s story.

1825 days of a bootstrapped Startup: Mastering the science of learn, unlearn and relearn.’

The Bawi Bride journey!

When life throws you and your startup under a bus – Priyadeep’s story…

Why Shilpi finds starting up so scary…

From Socks to Software – Alok’s journey

How Puneet started up with Karela seeds!

What brought out the entrepreneur in Ramanuj

How Rahul got his first client and how you can too!

‘The glamour of being a luxury entrepreneur’ by Soumya 

Rethi, Cement and Dotcom – Deep’s story!

Humans, Shoes & ecommerce – Waqas’ incredible story!

Nithya’s 1000 days of building Monkey Baba

How Gaurav started his company over masala chai and his kids!

Rahul’s chance and toil, fortune and happiness

Karan Vazrani’s journey of being an entrepreneur

Chetan’s role call to destiny

Experiences while building My Dream Store’ by Karthik

12 months of craziness… 1 year of Pratilipi’ by Ranjeet

Kritika turns one year old 🙂

Losing My Virginity – my first entrepreneurial leap Rajeev Bala’s story!

Ruchit’s Commitment to win

Malegaon to Mumbai

100 things Vijay learnt while building his start up

10 lessons Rishi learnt even before starting up!

Kamal’s ‘I have failed but I’m not a failure…

How Vinayak built a “1 crore a year company” and how it shut down

Pardeep’s rough & tough journey of 2 failed startup attempts…

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  2. Asha, thank you very much for this! <3

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